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Phospectre Zerkanoid Questionian Bytes
Intelligence Officer
Vital statistics
Name Phospectre Zerkanoid Questionian Bytes
Species Zerkanoid
Origin Zero


The Truth About Zeton[]

After their victory over the ultimate tyrant, the Zeroids® have discovered an incredible secret - that ZETON™ was never PLANET ZERO™, but an unfathomable machine duplicate. Now, the search for Planet Zero and the creator of the Zeroids begins! Zintar® the Explorer, the current leader of the Zeroids, must build a new team for the quest! But the creation machinery of the Zeroids has been mysteriously modified by the powers of PHOSPECTRE™ and CERULESTAR! - resulting in a quartet of permanently glowing robotic warriors! Now, they follow up a lead on planet Nesreta™ - will they be able to illuminate any answers?

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Phospectre Questionian Edition[]

"ZEROIDS® - PHOSPECTRE ZERKANOID™ QUESTRONIAN™ BYTES. Figure glows in the dark with the power of PHOSPECTRE! The intelligence officer of the team - but he can handle himself in a fight! Formerly known as the Zetonian! Standard 26 piece Zerkanoid Questronian kit!"

Production PVC Zeroids Phospectre Zerkanoid Questionian Bytes Kit. Questionian configuration. Glow-in-the-Dark Green (Spectre) with paint applications. 26 pieces. Released on August 21st, 2022. $25 each.