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The Man from Mercury
Vital statistics
Name Phospherno
Species Volcan
Origin Mercury


On Mercury, the planet nearest to our Sun, great rivers of molten metal churn and flow past majestic cities, glowing red hot in the blinding radiance of the Sun. Here, in temperatures so great that life as we know it would be consumed in a flash, the mighty Volcan Peoples live - beings of living fire that burn eternally. Protected by suits of thermal alloy, lest the freezing cold of outer space should snuff them out, Inferno and The Flame Men of Mercury travel the Universe in the great chariots of fire that we of Earth call comets.


Cosmic Creators Edition Four Horsemen Edition

Production PVC Phospherno - The Man from Mercury. Blue with Pink accessories. Glyos-compatible. Accessories: Spare arms, removable helmet, ray gun. First released on July 2010. Carded figure. Limited Edition. Sold as a set with Glowdiac, Megamorpho, and Neonautilus. $65 each 4 figure set.