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Power Arm
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Transfigured by the fit function system
Vital statistics
Name Power Arm
Species Human
Origin Earth


An homage to the character Cyborg[1] from the DC Comics' toy line Super Powers Collection[2] produced by Kenner.


Wave 13

"Power Arm includes all 4 heads from the standard Clawbber set, as well as an additional head from the Battle Tribes Wrestling set."

Warlords of Wor DX Power Arm Production PVC. Metallic Silver with paint applications. 3" tall, 10 points of articulation. Each Warlords of Wor figure comes with 1 Complete Body, 3 Bonus Heads, Cybernetic Fist, Cybernetic Claw, 2 Cybernetic Gauntlets, Rifle, Knife, Baton, Armor Overlay, and 2 Bonus Switch Pins. Glyos compatible. Released on June 18th, 2021. $18 each.