Power Lords
The Extra-Terrestrial Warriors
Product Line
Product Line Power Lords
Company Four Horsemen Studio
Species Human, Ferrikonian
Origin Earth
Main Character(s) Adam Power
Faction(s) Power Lords, Arkus and the Extra-Terrestrial Alliance
Also see Outer Space Men


A hero of incredible strength, Adam Power absorbs the cosmic energy of the Power Jewel to magically change himself into Lord Power, Leader of the Power Lords. He protects and defends both the humanoid and extra-terrestrial galaxies against evil dictator Arkus and his horde of insectoid-like warriors - the Extraterrestrial Alliance.

Power Lords is the second 1:18 scale Glyos-compatible toyline produced by Four Horsemen Studio based on the 1980s toyline of the same name produced by Revell.

Four Horsemen Releases

Power Lords

Arkus and the Extra-Terrestrial Alliance


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