Pride of the Guerrillax!
WoW 03 01
Released December 2013
Story Brandon Michael Barker and Eric Scot Lemons
Art Tom Scioli (pencils & inks, colors)


Pride of the Guerrillax!

"Intrigue! Adventure! Danger! Marvel at the daring conquests! Stand amazed before the stunning exploits of Doctor Beastor-8 and the Pride of the Guerrillax!!"

Deep in the Trenarian Jungle we find Doctor Beastor-8 leading his loyal companion, the esteemed anthropologist Greta, towards the great Guerrillax Temple. Greta is less than thrilled to be so far away from Wor and instead deep in a forsaken jungle.

"The Guerrillax were notoriously fierce tribesmen who once terrorized the Trenarian Jungle. One day, without notice, they all just vanished. No one knows what happened to them. But legend says they left behind untold riches and unfathomable technologies: the pride of the Guerrillax! I was able to locate this jungle through the use of the chrono-meteorlogical web of nano-sensors I created to study the global occurrences of the time storms. It would seem this patch of land shows no sign of the debilitating weather anomaly. It is a vibrant oasis fo life literally untouched by time. Logically, the greatest civilization known to man, save the Worians, could only exist in such a pristine landscape." lectured Beastor-8.

Greta made a passing comment in response which an older, more human version of Doctor Beastor may have still understood. However in his new form the moment was lost of him and they continued forth into the temple. Tiny mini humanoid creatures, alligators, and precarious bridges threatened their path. At one point a large rock rolled towards Greta, but Beastor-8 smashed it with no issue. The temple was empty except for a lone electronic coffin holding a single ape behind glass. Greta reminded the good doctor that "pride" could also be the name of their group just like a pack of lions as she read their history on the surrounding walls.

"Wait, sir, it also says here that this corpse is that of their greatest leader. A warrior unsurpassed by any other. The only creature with the strength and wisdom to lead their brutal army." Greta revealed.

Still well-preserved in the casket, Beastor-8 informs Greta to pack up the big ape and they'll take him back home. Later, in Doctor Beastor-8's lab in downtown Wor, the surgical room is full of onlookers in the surrounding balcony. Greta stood in nursing scrubs next to the doctor as the Guerrillax body sat in a chair with the head already missing.

"As we see here, this fine specimen is that of the Guerrillax Chieftain. Results suggest that it has been dead for more than 200 years and yet shows no sign of decomposition. In my ceaseless search for intellectual and physical perfection, I believe this to be the ideal vessel for my ultimate metamorphosis! Too long have I has to settle for the inhumanity of a metal body. Too long have I settled for the iniquities of our limited technology! Today we see the greatest mind the world has ever known matched with its greatest body. Behold! Beastor-9!" announced Doctor Beastor-8 as he transferred his domed head to the new body.

The new Beastor raged with anger. Doctor Beastor-8's still functioning mind begged for everyone to run because couldn't control the new body he was attached to. Ancient mysticism within the new frame were overriding the doctor's neural control nodes as he smashed the lab to pieces. As Greta fell down with the rubble, Doctor Beastor-8 begged her to run away. As his fists clenched and came down towards her she closed her eyes. She heard a crushing noise and then silence. Opening her eyes and standing up, Greta saw a large hole smashed into the side of the lab into downtown Wor. Beastor-9 was on the loose.[1][2]



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