Geode 2
Cynodraxus crossing the ancient Synchrode
Vital statistics
Type Planet
Location Glyos System
Capital Unstated
Inhabitants Prismirian


"On the other side of Prismiria, Cynodraxus is searching for Geodraxus frantically. Fleeting through an ancient Synchrode, the wrathful Cynodraxus suddenly stops to gather energy prior to confronting Prismiria's heroic champion. This familar, yet dangerous force may leave Prismiria in complete turmoil."[1]

The on-again, off-again feud between the two brothers would soon be set aside when the Treeborgs approached the planet. With a new Quarzenic army of hybrid soldiers leading the Treeborg assault, Geodraxus and Cynodraxus united to protect the Prismirian people along with their current refugees The Velge.


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