Prismirian Skiff Diver
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Resin Urethane Gem Rides
Vital statistics
Name Prismirian Skiff Diver
Species Prismirian
Origin Prismiria


Resin hand casted Urethane items. Offered at random times in the store and at conventions. The listings are just to note the types colors available and not every single listing or color variant released. All items are Limited Edition and have varying numbers available with each color release. Parts are Glyos compatible.


Prismirian Skiff Diver

Prismirian Diver Skiff Alpha

"The Prismiran Diver skiff is one of the main transports that is used all over in Prismiria. Mostly occupied by Diver Pilots, they function in a symbiotic way with the host. Integrating thoughts and memories, the skiff and the pilots truly become one..."[1]

Each Prismirian Diver Skiff is made up of 6 individual parts and 4 points of articulation. The Vehicle features numerous paint applications and custom weathering. The skiff holds one pilot in the cockpit along with a passenger in the back. NOTE: Figures are sold separately. This is for the vehicle only. Also on the vehicle is two ports on either side of the ship that docks Prismirian weapons. All Spaced Out toys are made of durable 3D printed ABS plastic. Compatible with Glyos System Series figures. All toys are made and finished by hand. Released DCON 2016 on November 19th-20th, 2016.


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