Project: OMFG
Omfg 01.jpg
Released November 25, 2011
Story Matt Doughty
Art Ralph Niese


Produced as a Passcode comic and additionally a mini interactive interface menu game featuring a brief story intro before offering to look at the OMFG! Series 1 figures. Each OMFG! is in Pixel form with six colorway options to check them out in. The Game version also updates the figure name Phantom Shithouse to its finalized name Phantom Outhouse.[1][2]

The Game version summaries Commander Sullkren's lines to a few sentences as he comes across the rusty rift probe in space: "Rift Probe within range. Damage appears minimal. Preparing to warp inside. Acquiring access to the probe's database. Memory sync activated."[3]


Project: OMFG

The Rift Probe returns

Relgost Sector, Deep Space Reconnaissance Patrol. "A Rift Probe right where they said it would be..." Commander Sullkren commented. If he had been waiting long, it didn't show in his tone. Yet, he could sense something sinister here. The probe door opened, beckoning the Sarvos inside.

"Greetings, Commander Sullkren" the automated voice chimed. The Deep Space Glyan sat dead in the pilot's seat, the skull showing through the face plate. "Activate memory sync." the Commander ordered to the ship's systems. "Activating now." it dutifully replied.

The visual database began to load. "Can it be... Zorennor?" he pondered as the holo display began to report.

OMFG! Lifeform line-up

  • "Lifeform: Multiskull. A dangerous otherworldly warrior who was observed engaging in seemingly endless combat on an unnamed and undead world."
  • "Lifeform: Crawdad Kid. Witnessed on a deep cerulean world leading a highly organized and efficient army of militarized aquatic soldiers."
  • "Lifeform: Phantom Shithouse. Spotted absorbing questionable genetic material on a confusing and misguided blue planet."

Commander Sullkren

  • "Lifeform: King Castor. Discovered hunting massive beasts accompanied by diminutive beings on a stark golden world."
  • "Lifeform: Stroll. Tracked as it escaped from would-be captors on a densely wooded planet."

"Deactivate memory sync." Sullkren ordered. "Central control, where were these images recorded?"

"Change is coming.."

"All data was generated from the Zorennor sector, Commander Sullkren." the system replied. "...Zorennor." Sullkren acknowledged. It confirmed his suspicions.

"Central control, download all data to location: Code Viyer and set yourself self destruction sequence." the Sarvos ordered. "Task completed, Commander Sullkren." the system answered. As Sullkren left the Rift Probe for deep space, the small craft carried out its final order. "Change is coming.." Sullkren noted.[4]


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