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Proto Knight
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Test Type Zero One
Vital statistics
Name Proto Knight
Species Human
Origin Earth


In the 80s, the Knight suits were being battle-tested several hundred times. A common area for combat simulations was in upstate New York, specifically in the Hudson Valley (though exact locations have never been disclosed). The dense forest made a perfect backdrop for secret experiments which led to advancements in stealth technology as well as the famed Slicer Hand.[1]


Proto Knight[]

"After America was hit by the Food War, the Pizza Shunt chain began to realize in order to stay competitive and protect their employees, they had to militarize. TT01 represents the close-to-finished suit versions that would eventually become the same outfit worn by Lime, Brick, and Teal. A couple variations of Test Types have be seen, some with the orange armor reappropriated from TT00. While not many TT01s survived intact, it’s actually very common due to the sheer size of the production run for field testing purposes."

Powers unknown. Secret identity, various.

Production Proto Knight. 3 3/4" tall with 10 points of articulation. Limited Edition of 100 pieces. 18 total parts. WeLoveFine SDCC Exclusive. Released SDCC 2015. [2]