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CroMega's Inner Circle
Vital statistics
Name Prototops
Species Cherubium
Origin Pangea Island


An Old Heroes character originally featured in the Harley & Marley childhood comics in the mid-90s before being adapted to the ongoing Knights of the Slice series.


Origin Unknown: Prototops

"Prototops is a Cherubium, a creature cursed with an dinosaur head but a humanoid body. He's an intensely private being, and his origin is unknown, but he is a respected member of CroMega's inner circle. It's alluded to that he is one of many dino-related cherubium on Pangea Island, and he's often advocated for the marginalized group."


Prototops Material Plus

"A material style figure, in Kinnikupeach, perfect for customs or army building! Includes a second fully painted head. Be sure to read Harley & Marley, Summer of Knights, and The Battle For Pangea Island to get the full story on good old Proto!"

Production PVC CroMega figure - Prototops Material+. Skintone with no paint applications. Bonus painted dino head included. Glyos compatible. X total parts. Released on May 17th, 2022. $25 each.