Purple Knight
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The Host of VSauce3
Vital statistics
Name Purple Knight
Species Human
Origin Earth


Originally the Knights of the Slice were portrayed by hired union actors for live events. As the need for the Knights to run security alongside deliveries increased, the huge insurance liability for putting outside contractors at risk was too much to bare. So Pizza Shunt CEO Fred had the idea to use corporate staff, with the proper training, as security. With employee contracts already covering any fatal eventualities, Fred could fill the suits with his own people.

Unfortunately, 99% of his staff was morbidly obese due to constantly eating Pizza Shunt’s offerings, so filling the role came down to who could actually fit into the suit’s measurements.

Ironically, it was something as insignificant as dietary restrictions that led to the selection of Lime & Brick. Lime had severe allergies to diary, gluten, and.. well… everything. Brick, a committed pacifist, was strictly vegan and plant-based.


Purple Knight

"Jake Roper, host of Vsauce3, is the fourth Knight of the Slice.., the Purple Knight... the Knight of Royalty and Puns. Jake is the patron saint of Toy Pizza, his mentions of our channel have catapulted our following into the stratosphere. Much of our success is because of his benevolence... it seemed fitting we immortalize him with a figure!"

Secret identity, Jake Roper.

Production Purple Knight. 3 3/4" tall with 10 points of articulation. Fedora and Pizza cutter weapon included. 20 total parts. Kickstarter Exclusive. Released October 2015. $15.00 each.[1]


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