Heroic Human Periscope
Vital statistics
Name Re-Kon
Species Human
Origin Earth


An homage to Mekaneck from the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe[1] series.


"A loyal soldier in King Karnaxus’ Royal Brigade, Orion Bastille was viciously maimed in a battle with the evil Bog-Nar. An emergency surgery saved the young solder’s life, but left Orion without an eye or much of his neck. Sampling the remnants of Bog-Nar’s unique physiology collected from Bastille’s body, Dr. Beastor developed an artificial nano-tech web that could mimic Bog-Nar’s shape-shifting abilities. Agreeing to test the new technology, Orion underwent experimental procedures to cybernetically repair his wounds, granting him advanced optics and the strange ability to morph his neck into any shape he can imagine. He continues to serve the Worian Royal Brigade as Re-Kon, the Soldier with Telescopic Sight!"[2]


Wave 8

Warlords of Wor - Wave 8 DX Re-Kon Production PVC. Dark Blue with paint applications. 3" tall, 10 points of articulation. Each Warlords of Wor figure comes with 1 Complete Body, 3 Bonus Heads, Cybernetic Fist, Cybernetic Claw, 2 Cybernetic Gauntlets, Rifle, Knife, Baton, Armor Overlay, and 2 Bonus Switch Pins. Released on October 18th, 2019. $16 each.


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