Reed Schweizer
Ace Pilot
Vital statistics
Name Reed Schweizer
Species Human
Origin Earth


A captured Reed Schweizer was subjected to an experiment by Marson turning him into The Vekpire.[1]


Ace Pilot Reed Schweizer

"Ace Pilot Reed Schweizer is as cocky as they come, but his skills in the Zoner Capsule back up his brash nature. Determined to win over CyMa, whom he is in love with (despite knowing very little about her), Reed follows beyond her to the showdown with Marson in Voidarea. Now he just has to sit and wait to swoop in and win her favor. As Reed watches the confrontation unfold, he muses to himself that he liked her hair better before CyMa changed to her CyBee form."


Reed Schweizer with Zoner Capsule Bundle

"This bundle includes: x1 Light Blue Hyper Knight Material Boy (with 3 unpainted heads and carbine), x1 Painted Ace Pilot Reed Schweizer, x1 Bonus lilac device arms (limbs may vary from pictures shown), x1 Capsule v2 in Electroplated Silver (no actual silver used in making this product)"

Production PVC Hyper Knight - Reed Schweizer Bundle. Light Blue with limited paint applications. 3 3/4" tall. Glyos compatible. Includes gun and swappable arms. 17 total parts. Released on January 27th, 2020. $39 each.


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