Released June 10, 2011
Story Matt Doughty
Art Ralph Niese




Commander leaping over Glyanaut Cane

"Stay in formation soldier, don't get distracted again..." the Glyanaut repeated to himself. "STAY IN FORMATION!" called out Cane's scarred Commander leaping overhead at the Glyoids. "Commander! Pull back!" Cane pleaded, but it was too late. The momentary distraction as the Commander answered left him overwhelmed by the Glyoids. "Cane, finish the mission..." he commanded as a Core Virus was detected. The Axis Armor override began to engage...


Earlier that day, the Commander called for attention. Two fresh Sarvos recruits had arrived for Glyaxia Command's Operations, Tactics and Reflex program -- also known as Sector X. "All OTR trainees must exhibit proficiency in Rig Symbiotic Intergration and show combat readiness under any circumstance." he repeated as if he had given the introduction before -- he had. "Welcome to Sector X, Glyanauts!"

Glyoids were approaching. "Get to your Rigs!" the Commander ordered. "Remember your training and be ready... Not everything is as it appears."


Sarvos OTR Trainees

Back in the present, the synthesis of the virus with him was complete. The scarred Pheyden commander's Rig had been heavily modified by the Rig Trick sequence and began to open fire on his own men. A Glyanaut called to fall back, but Cane wouldn't hear of it. "No! Engage countermeasures! Stand your ground!" ordered Cane. He was in charge now and he was going to take down their former Commander. Sneaking up in stealth mode for a full frontal assault, the Commander's Rig took heavy damage from all guns. As the pieces tore away, Cane acknowledged the loss of their Commander to the horrific virus.

"YOU. ARE. TOO. SLOW. CANE." an angry voice screamed from the shredded remains. The Commander -- or what was left of him -- was still alive... and that wasn't a good thing. "NEVER HESITATE"

"Commander?" Cane replied, curiously at the wreckage.


Delpheyden Commander charging at Cane

"YOU SHOULD HAVE TAKEN THE SHOT CANE" the former Commander exclaimed. His body had changed into a full Delpheyden - massive and unruly on the battlefield. "HERE ENDS YOUR TRAINING" as he smashed the tiny Rig in one hit with his huge fists.

"Boom. You're dead Cane."

Standing over Cane, the scarred Commander looked as normal as ever. The Training Simulator peeled away the wreckage to reveal the holodeck surface underneath.

"You did alright this time, but remember this is just a simulation. Out there, you won't get a second chance." the Commander called out as he walked out the door.

"Yes, Commander." is all the Glyanaut could reply.

"Cane, there is another matter I want to discuss with you..." the Commander added. What's that, Commander?" he dutifully replied. "Project Black Skull." the scarred Pheyden Commander answered as he revealed a new Glyan advanced flexion suit.[1]


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