Regen Vac-Metal Blue
REGEN ARMOR 4 1024x1024@2x
Regen Vac-Metal Blue Armor
Vital statistics
Name Regen Vac-Metal Blue
Species n/a
Origin Earth


Used for medical ceremonies involving the Regen Capsule, the Mikros trio can perform miracles that would seem otherworldly to humankind. They utilized this process to merge Royal Knight with Device Ninja parts to save his life.


Set includes: Head slice, x2 forearms, x2 shins, Gorget (neck), crotch slice, and hand slicer accessory. FIGURE NOT INCLUDED

Production Regen Vac-Metal Blue Armor - Vac-Metal Blue accessories. Can be added to any 3 3/4" tall Knights of the Slice figure or other Glyos compatible toys. 8 total parts. Limited Edition. Released on June 24th, 2019. $8 each.

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