Neo Sincroids on Relgost
Vital statistics
Type Planet
Location Glyos System
Capital Unstated
Inhabitants Relgost Marine Division, Relgost Wing Division, Rlyehzoth


A planet largely comprised of oceans. The Relgost sector is relatively close to the Zorennor sector which contains the Zorennor Rift.


Project: OMFG


The Rift Probe returns

Relgost Sector, Deep Space Reconnaissance Patrol. "A Rift Probe right where they said it would be..." Commander Sullkren commented. If he had been waiting long, it didn't show in his tone. Yet, he could sense something sinister here. The probe door opened, beckoning the Sarvos inside.

"Greetings, Commander Sullkren" the automated voice chimed. The Deep Space Glyan sat dead in the pilot's seat, the skull showing through the face plate. "Activate memory sync." the Commander ordered to the ship's systems. "Activating now." it dutifully replied.

The visual database began to load. "Can it be... Zorennor?" he pondered as the holo display began to report. [1]

The Labyrinth of Rlyehzoth


The Labyrinth of Rlyehzoth

Deep beneath the murky waves of Planet Relgost, an otherworldly evil toils in the darkness.

Using bizarre and ancient rituals to draw power straight from the Zorennor Rift itself, the cosmic horror known as Rlyehzoth channels this metamorphic energy directly into captive lifeforms within its incomprehensible prison, creating vile mutations from the damned and unwilling.

Halkenn is pulled to Relgost by his heightened intuition and soon finds himself trapped in an eerily familiar labyrinth, so mind boggling in design, that only his Aetheric Eye can overcome the madness of the infernal maze.[2]


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