Rescue Knight
Vector Jump Rescue
Save one.
Vital statistics
Name Rescue Knight
Species Human
Origin Earth


"This non-military version of the Vector Jump armor serves the Knights as a method for helping the civilian population in times of crisis or natural disasters. The bright colors warn both friend and foe not to fire on this peaceful samaritan."


Rescue Type Vector Jump

INCLUDES: x10 Vector Jump Armor pieces, x1 Main underbody. Released March 31st, 2017. $18.00 each.

Rescue Knight Boosted Bundle Combo set (x10 Vector Jump Armor pieces, x1 Main underbody, x2 New Yellow colored boots, x2 New Yellow colored gloves, x1 New Yellow colored helmet, x1 Purple slicer, x1 Yellow fedora, x7 Clear Purple Armor Pieces.) Limited Edition. Released March 31st, 2017. $23.99 each.

This package deal includes not only the Heavy Spiral Vector Jump figure, but also a Limb Pack, matching Hat and Slicer, AND special clear purple armor for a special discounted price! Use the spare pieces to build the secret Raw Knight: Neon Punch Knight!