Reydurran Mimic Armorvor
Vital statistics
Name Reydurran Mimic Armorvor
Species Armorvor
Origin Volkria


The Reydurran Divide


Reydurran Operations Unit Mini Blocker Rig with Deep Space Glyan


Operator Cane with a Reydurran Phase Defender

Very little is known of the event on Reydurra when the Council's mission teams arrived. Following Operation: Sonesidar -- which managed to locate the Neo Phase Pheyden on Sonesidar -- Traveler Ollereyn along with Operator Cane were dispatched to the ruins of Reydurra with the Reydurran Operations Unit to act as a security force. Given the recent Syclodoc and Armorvor incidents, Phase Defenders were also included with the security team. Commander Sannuric was in charge logistics support with the Reydurran Engineer Corps to retrieve something from deep within the ruins for the mission.

Small Crawlers were sent out "to collect information and explore the Deep Ruins on Planet Reydurra itself."[1] They were to also function as personal guardians for when things got dangerous. The Reydurran Science Division discovered an Infection deep within the ruins which managed to spread to the Neo Aves Exellis. All three Council teams issued Combo Suits to the Glyans to contain the deadly virus from spreading beyond the planet.

Meanwhile, Glyaxia Command sent out a Syclodoc Infiltrator to once again attack during a Council mission. Not to be outdone, the Armorvors sent in their own Mimic into the area who may have caught the Infection itself while in the ruins. It was later revealed that the Armorvor Armies swiftly establish an outpost on Reydurra and several other worlds, crushing any opposition through the use of their powerful Black Core technology.

The Reydurran Divide

Wave 27

Reydurran Mimic Armorvor

The Reydurran Armorvor was almost identical to the Hades Mimic from the previous year's release, with the exception of the red details replacing the mint green ones and, of course, a different wolf head color. For those unable to get a Hades Mimic, either from the original drop or on the aftermarket, this meant that collectors could still own an awesome full black armored figure for $8.

Black/Red/Light grey wolf head, white eyes


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