Rift Killer Max copy
The Pop Artist
Vital statistics
Name Max
Species Human
Origin Earth



Max is a present day bard, an internet celebrity / pop artist. Secluding himself in the woods in upstate NY, Max is startled by what appears to be a meteor crashing nearby. Coming across a dead Rift Killer shell, Max enlists the help of some of his friends who work at tech start-ups to turn the armor into a wearable instrument. His popularity skyrockets as most people assume he's just going through a Bowie-period. Empowered by the suit, Max downloads the banned "God Screen" app, a platform that matches super heroes for bloody fisticuffs.


Rift Killer Max

Production PVC KOTS Rift Killer Max figure. Light Fuchsia Purple with Silver paint applications. 3 3/4" tall. 12 total parts + bonus head. Released on July 23rd, 2018. $18 each.

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