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Rig Runner
Ride or Die
Vital statistics
Name Rig Runner
Species Glyan
Origin Various

Character History

Test Shot Rig Runner and Rig Hopper[1]

"I personally hope you guys get a kick out of this strange new addition to the Glyos ranks. There is something about holding one of these things that brings back a flood of memories for me. From playing near the ocean with the rocks, to customizing Star Wars Mini Rigs, to flying around Micronauts capsules and even overloading the old M.U.S.C.L.E. plastic trash can with piles of tiny Godzilla figures.


Rig Hopper

The earliest reveal of the Rig Runner featured an additional Rig Hopper mode. It appears similar to Marvel's The Avengers Sky Cycle which Hawkeye often used to get around in the comic books.

Experimental Mechanics Division

Wave 19

Rig Runner Experimental Mechanics Division

Experimental Mechanics Division Rig Runner - Gray and Orange with Black visors/multiple tampo prints. $20

Glyos United

Wave 20

Rig Runner Zorennor Exploration Division

Zorennor Exploration Division Rig Runner - Light Gray/Gray with Light Blue highlights and multiple tampo prints. $20

Stealth Dimension Division

Wave 21

Rig Runner Stealth Dimension Division

Stealth Dimension Division Rig Runner - Clear Colorless/no paint apps. $18

Record of the Delphi

Wave 22

Rig Runner Task Force Volkriun

Task Force Volkriun Rig Runner - Pappysoup Green/Olive Green/light green visors and white tampos. $20