Robo Force
Robo Force Ken Kelly Artwork Twitter announcement
Product Line
Product Line Robo Force
Company Toyfinity
Species Zetonian
Origin Zeton
Main Character(s) Maxx Zero, Nazgar
Faction(s) Robo Force, Cult of Dred
Also see Mordles, Zeroids, STAR Team, Club Zeton, Manglors


Reborn, Maxx Zero and ZEM escape into the city of Celestia, looking for a way to overthrow Nazgar and the Cult of Dred, return order to Zeton, and unravel the secret of the Hidden Fortresses of Steele. With allies freed from the claws of Hun-Dred the Conqueror through ZEM's Dynagenesis Effect and an ever-increasing series of powerful adversaries... The original Steele-Forged hero Maxx Zero and the Robo Force battle for the freedom of all living creatures!

When Maxx Zero activates the Ancient Constructs, a long forgotten signal is sent that no modern robotic entity can decode - but it is heard by the Zeroids! Will they be friends to the Robo Force... or enemies? Would you like to know more?

Toyfinity Releases

Robo Force

Cult of Dred

Ancient Zeroids


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Crossover Releases

Spy Monkey Creations

Sold via the Toyfinity store as additional forces for the Cult of Dred and enhancements for current Robo Force figures.

Onell Design

From across the rift in space to the Glyos System, Old War technology discovered by modern Gendrone forces.

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Mecha Zone

Mecha Zone store exclusive 3D printed figure. A Club Zeton story tie-in release.

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