Experimental Mechanics Division Commander
Vital statistics
Name Rynevo
Species Traveler
Origin Unknown


Surveying the EMD

Mraedis Agents

"Long thought lost on a now forgotten mission, the enigmatic Commander Mraedis and his Mraedis Agents unexpectedly emerge from the Zorennor Rift, possessing critical intelligence regarding the new Villser threat.

Just as they set their course for Metran, the weary crew is pulled within the metamorphic structure of a massive Villser Biovessel with little chance for escape.

What secrets do the Mraedis Agents carry, and will they survive to deliver them?"[1]

Experimental Mechanics Division

Wave 19

EMD Commander Rynevo

Mraedis Agents

Wave 72

Glyarmor Rynevo

Includes full Glyarmor set with Neo Sarvos and Varteryx heads plus full Pheyden figure and bonus scarf. 26 total parts. $14

The Neo Frontier

Wave 85

Traveler Rynevo Core Stalker

Includes bonus scarf. 14 total parts. $10


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