The Creator
Vital statistics
Species Zetonian
Origin Andor


"Calm, collected and always in control, SOTA™, whose name stands for "State Of The Art", a reference to his superior intellect, has an information-collection dish on his backpack, giving him radar, sonar, extended hearing, infra-red vision, and microscopic and telescopic vision. He also touts a weapon sight mounted inside his head. When he's not on a Robo Force mission, SOTA™ is a professor. When trouble threatens, SOTA™ puts his mental powers at the disposal of MAXX STEELE, to whom he is a most trusted senior councilor."[1]

S.O.T.A. the Creator was Andor's Core Omega-One and reborn as a State Of The Art lifeform.

"Will SOTA join the forces of good - or be corrupted by Nazgar's eeeeeeevil? Only you can decide!"[2]

Character History

"It was a long journey to get to these two figures - the Cult of Dred Trooper has been in the plans for multiple years now. And S.O.T.A.... originally we were looking at making him using crossover pieces from other Glyos products. Glad we pushed forward with the new tooling to make him truly classic.

Special thanks to Matt Doughty and bitfigs for all of their work in making SOTA as fantastic as he could be for this release, and jasonhohoho for his fantastic illustration for the release!"[3]


See: The Battle for Andor


Zetonian Edition

"Inside the ancient Zeroid® outpost ANDOR™, Maxx Zero™ is forced to make a decision that changes the future of the Robo Force® forever! Core Omega-One is reborn as something STATE OF THE ART! Full kit includes 26 Glyos®-compatible parts! Classic Robo Force® character with multiple new Premium paint applications! The most tampo applications we've ever done on a figure!"

Production PVC Robo Force Zetonian Kit. S.O.T.A. the CREATOR - Zetonian. SOTA Blue with with Gray/White/Black paint applications with tampos. 26 total parts. Released on December 28th, 2018. $25 each. A limited blank SOTA Blue figure was available privately for $13 each.


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