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S.T.A.R. Team
Space Travel And Reconnaissance Team
Product Line
Product Line S.T.A.R. Team
Company Toyfinity
Species Zetonian, Zeroids
Origin Earth
Main Character(s) ZEM-21, Knight of Darkness
Faction(s) S.T.A.R. Team, Shadow Warriors
Also see Robo Force, Mordles, Manglors, Zeroids, Club Zeton


The S.T.A.R. Team was established as an organization to protect Earth. Standard gear issued by the S.T.A.R. Team included Space Boots (Blue with Red tops), Space Belt (Blue belt with Communicator, Life Support System, Scanner Scope, Anti-Gravity Tool, and Membership Badge), Space Helmet (White with Yellow Dome), and an Ionization Nebulizer (White with Red & Blue canisters attached).


Defending Earth

1977 Comic Cover

"Journey into the future! It is the year 3000. For the first time, Earth's solar system faces invasion! From out of the mysterious Black Nebula which swirls in the interstellar vastness beyond Pluto have come the Knight of Darkness and his Shadow Warriors to establish a foothold amid the outer planets of the solar system.

Here, they have been held at bay but the Knight's drive for conquest is unending. To keep him in check requires constant vigilance.

Zeroid Red/Blue line art

And this dangerous vigil is the job of Earth's Star Team Scouts, such as ZEM-21 and his two Zeroid companions, the heroic crew of the saucer-ship Star Hawk!" From the original promo comic.[1]

ZEM-21 is an expert at analyzing data and recording and made the plans for the small team. He displays curiosity, but shows no particular skill for fighting. Zeroid Blue is programmed to be a mechanic and engineer as well as the pilot of the Star Hawk. It can quickly cross circuitry to cause an explosive overload. Zeroid Red is programmed to be the pilot and gunner while also armed with shock blasters. Together they use their small but nimble spaceship, Star Hawk, to patrol the system keeping the Knight of Darkness at bay.[2]


S.T.A.R. Team Command

S.T.A.R. Team Members

Shadow Warriors



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