The Rank of Sarvos
Vital statistics
Name Sarvos
Species Traveler
Origin Unknown

Character History


Urethane LSA Nobotos

The original Sarvos head design comes from another figure, Noboto or should we say "Nobotos" as he was originally known during the Rechlen and Aves adventures. As acting sub-commander of the Lost Sincroid Army, Nobotos would be sent into the Glyos System to find their missing leader Exellis. While the urethane Nobotos head was turned into the image of a Sarvos we know today, that didn't stop Nobotos from becoming a full figure later on with a new body and slightly familiar look.


The Sarvos Program


Tracker Sarvos (Standard Style)

"Tracker was awakened during the initial development of the Sarvos Program, and served as the main experimental prototype for the duration of the project's early life cycle.

Unknown to the majority of Travelers that are granted the rank of Sarvos, an inhibitor mechanism is embedded within the core of the Sarvos armor, which acts as a kill switch in the event a Sarvos goes rogue or defies its orders. The primary reason behind the genesis of the Sarvos Program was to gain absolute control of the strongest Travelers - by tempting them with even greater power. The secret price of this advancement is only realized after it's too late to turn back.

The only known Sarvos that has discovered a way to directly override this effect is Tracker."[1]

The Curse of Ayosire

Disappointment passed over the leader, "I had hoped for a greater challenge. To at least meet a worthy adversary." Powered Armodoc paused briefly, "This seemed to be..." The partner chimed in, "...too easy." Yes, but no... there was something else calling the leader's attention. "Wait..." the leader replied as he found his own body glowing.


"Do you feel that?"

"Do you feel that?" the Reverse Armodoc asked. "It can't be!" the stunned leader answered. The air held something dangerous in it again. In unison they spoke, "They. Are. Here."

Warping in was Commander Phosis with the Hybrid and Reverse Sarvos backing him up. Softly they floated down from the storms above and hovered over the two guilty Armodocs. "DESTROY THEM!" commanded the Powered Armodoc to his loyal army lining the area. No Sarvos was going to embarrass them here in Ayosire.


Phosis Unleashed


The Sarvos Team

The Powered Armodoc warped away just in time as Commander Phosis opened full blast on the Reverse Armodoc without hesitation. The Hybrid and Reverse Sarvos warped away to let the Commander unleash his full abilities. As the green outlined remains of the Armodoc partner vanished, two more Ayosire Armodocs warped in on either side of Phosis. The Commander raised his hands causing the two closest Armodocs to faintly glow before launching them far away with a simple push. Hybrid Sarvos and Reverse Sarvos warped from above into the remaining Armodocs behind their Commander. The Armodocs glowed and then vanished away. All that remained were the loyal Sarvos.

"Hunt down the leader." ordered Commander Phosis. His arm glowed as a special Phase Arm formed over the hand. "Let nothing stand in our way." he added. Eliminating the Armodocs in this den of despair was their chief goal.

Real Type I

Wave 5

Standard Sarvos

Buildman Operational

Wave 6

Classified Sarvos

Hybrid Sarvos

Phantasm Sarvos

NYCC 2009 Exclusive

The Ghosts of Nemica

Wave 8

Standard Sarvos Mk. II

The Curse of Ayosire

Wave 9

Phosis Sarvos

See: Commander Phosis

Reverse Sarvos

Hybrid Sarvos Mk. II

Glyaxia I

Wave 10

Stealth Sarvos

Comrado Sarvos

Glyaxia Sarvos

Reverse Glyaxia Sarvos

Soul of the Traveler

Wave 11

Classified Sarvos Mk. II

Enforcer Sarvos

Gatekeeper Vanin

Gatekeeper Viyer

See: Gatekeeper Viyer Sarvos

Rig Corps Sarvos

Commander Reyus

See: Commander Reyus

Mono Wave

Wave 14

Sarvos X

Task Force Volkriun

Wave 16

Task Force Volkriun Sarvos

Big Rig

Wave 18

Strike Team White Skull Sarvos

w/Scar Pheyden head - Red/Maroon with White face paint. $8

Glyos United

Wave 20

Zorennor Exploration Division Commander Sullkren

See: Zorennor Exploration Division Commander Sullkren

Record of the Delphi

Wave 22

Volkriun Commando Commander Evireyor

See: Volkriun Commando Commander Evireyor 

The Council Of Travelers

Wave 25

Traveler Mordireus Sarvos

Day-Glo Clear Magenta with White painted eyes - includes extra head. $8

Traveler Naspoth Sarvos

See: Traveler Naspoth Sarvos

Operation: Sonesidar

Wave 26

Commander Arclurran

See: Commander Arclurran

The Reydurran Divide

Wave 27

Commander Sannuric

See: Commander Sannuric

Enigma Source

Wave 30

Neo Gatekeeper Viyer

See: Neo Gatekeeper Viyer Sarvos

The Ecroyex Initiative

Wave 32

Ecroyex Commander Cynorico

See: Ecroyex Commander Cynorico

The Gamma Conflict

Wave 34

Spectre Force Sarvos

GITD Green w/ painted eyes, head, chest, pelvis, hands and knees/packed with extra head. $8

Sullkren's Path

Wave 35

Commander Sullkren Mk. II

See: Commander Sullkren Mk. II

Glyaxia II

Wave 36

Glyaxia Commander Akurriax

See: Glyaxia Commander Akurriax

Glyaxia Commander Zerennic

See: Glyaxia Commander Zerennic

Rig Crew II

Wave 39

Rig Crew Tracker Durleryn

See: Rig Crew Tracker Durleryn

Tracker's Way

Wave 40

Tracker Sarvos Conversion Set

See: Tracker Sarvos Conversion Set

Volkriun Space Force

Wave 41

Commander Morveken

See: Commander Morveken

Metran Security Command

Wave 42

Commander Rasenyker

See: Commander Rasenyker

The Secret Beneath the Ice

Wave 43

Commander Rykurra

See: Commander Rykurra

Enter The Glyarmor

Wave 51

Sarvos Dark Spectre

Glows in the Dark includes bonus Phanost head and GITD Extra Set. $12

Order of the Glyknights II

Wave 68


See: Sarvostar

Glyaxia Rangers

Wave 70


See: Optivos

The Albion Paradigm

Wave 73

Sarvos Buildstation White 2018

Includes Phanost and Scar Pheyden heads. 15 total parts. $10


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