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The Sarvos Program
Released October 26, 2014
Story Matt Doughty
Location(s) Metran
Character(s) Tracker
Faction(s) Glyaxia Command


The Sarvos Program

"Tracker was awakened during the initial development of the Sarvos Program, and served as the main experimental prototype for the duration of the project's early life cycle.

Unknown to the majority of Travelers that are granted the rank of Sarvos, an inhibitor mechanism is embedded within the core of the Sarvos armor, which acts as a kill switch in the event a Sarvos goes rogue or defies its orders. The primary reason behind the genesis of the Sarvos Program was to gain absolute control of the strongest Travelers - by tempting them with even greater power. The secret price of this advancement is only realized after it's too late to turn back.

The only known Sarvos that has discovered a way to directly override this effect is Tracker."[1]