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Sea Demon
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Ruthless Terrorist
Vital statistics
Name Sea Demon
Species Gol
Origin Earth


An homage to Cobra Hydro-Viper diving troopers[1] from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero[2] series.


JoeFest 2021

Warlords of Wor DX Sea Demon Production PVC. Purple with paint applications. 3" tall, 10 points of articulation, 20 interchangeable parts in durable, factory-produced PVC. Each Warlords of Wor figure comes with 3 heads (Bog-Nar, Gol, Nekroid), vine arm, mace arm and base, creature hands, vine torso, and tekno-shears accessory. Additional Hub Set and Devil Ray included. Clamp shell with backer card. Limited edition to 125 figures (1 per person). Glyos compatible. JoeFest 2021 ROMA Collectibles exclusive. Released on June 25th, 2021 (Online and at show). $21 each.