Infection reaches the homeworld
Vital statistics
Type Planet
Location Outer Space
Capital Unstated
Inhabitants Beetorian


The Kabuto Mushi

"Former home of the Beetorian Corps, Sectivorus fell to an invasion of Infection. The Cimaxus Cruiser Altriac managed to lift off under heavy fire with the last survivors of their kind thanks to the action of a brave Beetorian Trooper. This sacrifice earned him the legendary Beetorian Title of Kabuto Mushi."


"Traveling beyond the Edge of Space, a lone Pheyden stumbles upon the world Sectivorus and its secretive alien society. Before he can escape, however, he is infected with an alien spore, causing him to mutate beyond control! Now something far stranger, is there hope that this Pheyden will ever return to normal? Or is he doomed to walk the world forever... an an arthrogod?"


"Mysterious aliens from the planet Sectivorus have invaded other star systems using interstellar transport technology stolen from an artho-infected Pheyden. Known as Larvoids, these aliens consume entire stars to fuel their metamorphic processes. But what will they turn into next?"

The Nemesis Invasion

"The Beetorian Corps are the only survivors of the "Infection" unleashed on their homeworld by the Nemesis.

Only the most legendary and heroic Beetorian earn the status and title of "Kabuto Mushi."

Kabuto Mushi are mostly heroic beetle samurai warriors. A few are evil, dark warriors or neutral bounty hunters. Mushi possess technology like Pupae Blasters, Kabuto Staves, and spaceships like the Cimaxus-class Cruiser Altriac.

The Nemesis are evil arachnid crab-spider like creatures destined to eradicate Sectivorus' inhabitants and utilize the planet as a home base for their plans of universal domination. Nemesis steal technology from others and seek out the Delphi Black Core.

The Nemesis are carriers of the "Infection" which they utilize as a bio-weapon to wipe out species and convert survivors into hostile warriors to join their ranks.

Titan Mushi are massive Goliath beetles utilized by the Kabuto Mushi and the Nemesis as beasts of burden as their steeds. They have a low intelligence level and are neutral in loyalty."

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