Seven Space Gods
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The Overseers of The Alpha
Vital statistics
Name Seven Space Gods
Species Cosmic Entity
Origin Alpha Primarus


In the beginning...

It has been 100 years since the great cosmic robot hero, Galaxxor, was killed. Slain by the dreaded Lord Gorgax with a planet sized weapon known as The Ultimate Nullifier Cannon, the physical being of our robot hero was splintered into 999 shards, each flung to the far reaches of the pocket dimension known as The Alpha. Almost immediately, a giant neon green glowing shell formed around the home of The Seven Space Gods, the crystalline Alpha Primarus.

Over the past 100 years, Gorgax, his elite cadre of Cyborg Space Barbarian henchmen, and their Evil Mutant Legion has wreaked havoc upon the countless worlds of The Alpha. Some planets have held strong, but others have fallen to darkness and chaos.

But there is hope.

The neon shell that has surrounded Alpha Primarus has disappeared, and brilliant explosions of cosmic power are appearing at random places, throughout The Alpha. In places like the giant blue sun, Anubis 5, and the hive world known as "Dragon City", new Galaxxors are appearing.

Seven Space Gods


"The Seven Space Gods, the overseers of The Galaxxorverse, use their cosmic powers to maintain order in the reality that is most commonly known as "The Alpha". It is they who direct the Galaxxors to travel from world to world, protecting humanity from the monstrous clutches of chaos and evil. Among the Seven, Chronodar is uniquely powered, via his Infinity Mirror, with the ability to briefly travel forward and backward within the timestream of The Alpha. He manipulates it so that humanity and order may persevere. Endings become beginnings. Beginnings become endings. The Alpha is a complex web of reality, and its temporal nature is only truly known by Space God Chronodar."


"From the crystalline planet at the center of the Galaxxorverse, Alpha Supremis, comes Infiniton, one of the cosmic Seven Space Gods!"

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