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Sincro Armor Set
Upgrade available!
Vital statistics
Name Sincro Armor Set
Species Sincroid
Origin Unknown


Heavy Armor upgrades available for Sincroborg and others. First seen in Wave 92 with matching Glyans before being sold separately as its own set. The average price of a Sincro Armor Set is $7 and contains 9 parts.

Calculated Corruptions

Wave 93

Sincro Armor Set Eidrallim Alloy

The Sincro Armor Set can combine with different figures to create new forms and secret builds. Sincro Armor Set does not include Sincroborg or Star Marshall figures (each sold separately). The builds shown in the additional images provide a couple examples to maybe get the creative synapses firing.

Includes heavy chest armor, skirt armor, chest strap, variable small scarf, 2 heads, arm phaser and 2 Switch Pins. 9 Total Parts. $7