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Vital statistics
Name Snapback
Species Human
Origin Earth


An homage to Trap Jaw from the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe[1] series.


Trading Card

After nearly losing his life in battle against Winchell, Snapback found himself on the operating table of a mad man. In a sick experiment to bond man with machine, Snapback was reborn as a master assassin equipped with a robotic arm and enhanced fighting skills. Motivated purely by revenge, he seeks to destroy his enemies and disfigure their bodies to resemble how his was once left long ago. Though, he is not the smartest on the battlefield, Snapback is certainly the most deadly, with the right weapon for every occasion.

Did You Know: Snapback's bionic technology was made from salvaged weapons created by his enemy, Winchell.



Mighty Maniax Snapback: Master Assassin. Power-Con 2021 Exclusive. Blue with paint applications. Includes 3 alternate heads. 3" tall figure. 18 total parts. Glyos compatible. Released online and at Power-Con on September 11th, 2021. $100 each set of four. Sold in Pairs (Snapback + Jungle King) at Power-Con 2021 and online on September 17th, 2021. $55 each pair.