Solar Charge Armor
Solar Charge Armor
Solar Charge Armor
Vital statistics
Name Solar Charge Armor
Species n/a
Origin Earth


"Solar Charge armor is the gear sent into the theater of operations with every dispatched Rescue Knight. Due to the long work shifts of the R.K.s, and the fact they are often off the grid, having a means to repower in the field is crucial. Once a Rescue Knight armor is running on empty, a Knight operative can simply strip out of the VJ armor, place the Solar Charge plates into their costume, and begin absorbing the energy mother nature provides. Once at full bars, the Knight can then get back into the VJ armor and enjoy several days worth of power.

Of course the standard KOTS armor features a solar panel in the head slice, this armor increases the capacity for sun power but adding multiple grids."


Production Solar Charge Armor - Translucent Purple accessories. Can be added to any 3 3/4" tall Knights of the Slice figure or other Glyos compatible toys. 8 total parts. Limited Edition. Released March 31st, 2017. $3.99 each.

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