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Spaced Out
Protectors of Prismiria
Product Line
Product Line Spaced Out
Company Spaced Out Design
Species Prismirian
Origin Prismiria
Main Character(s) Geodraxus
Faction(s) None
Also see The Rise of Acris, Treeborgs


On the other side of Prismiria, Cynodraxus is searching for Geodraxus frantically. Fleeting through an ancient Synchrode, the wrathful Cynodraxus suddenly stops to gather energy prior to confronting Prismiria's heroic champion. This familar, yet dangerous force may leave Prismiria in complete turmoil.

After spending some time in an alternate dimension, Geodraxus returned to his planet Prismiria only to have come home to a Neo-Cataclysm...

After the planet of Velgeris was overrun by the Treeborgs, they wasted no time gathering what they could to forge new weaponry and gear. It was within their nature to fuse different elements with themselves to create new and powerful lifeforms and or weapons.

They had found remains of Prismirian soldiers across Velgeris and started tinkering with its technology. Many failed experiments came along. However, one experiment stood out from the rest. It was a creature that had elements of the mechanical Treeborgs while also harnessing the power and aesthetics of a Prismirian Knight. These two elements combined made a volatile creation that they were yearning for. This was their way of taking Prismiria and furthering their experimentation.

Without any delay, they commanded their new creation to travel to Prismiria and pave the way for the Treeborg invasion...

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