Mostly Extinct
Vital statistics
Name Spikesaurians
Species Spikesaurian
Origin The Realms


A proud, powerful, and primeval dino warrior race. One of several dinosaur-based races found in The Realms.

"The Crimson Spikesaurians are an anomaly among their kind. While most Spikesaurians are placid and slow to anger, those born with blazing red hides are fiery and passionate. Tales say that the Three-Horned Goddess wept when she saw the War of the Tribes consuming the lives of so many of her peace loving children. Her tears rained from the heavens and a new crimson skinned race of Spikesaurians were born. Though not aggressive by nature, the Crimson Spikesaurians are fierce defenders of their people and counted among the deadliest warriors in the realms." - The Stranger

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