Andur and Toal Stabilized Outlanders
Stabilized Outlander
Vital statistics
Name Andur and Toal Stabilized Outlanders
Species Outlander
Origin 481 Universe


Astrolog: Stable

“AAAAAAAAAH!!!” they scream as their bodies are enveloped by the now burning hot moon pools. Their dimensional ties are severed, their bodies are being transformed into darker more stable forms. With a sizzle the pain is over.

Toal inspected his hands carefully.”I … I feel stable!” he said flexing his fingers. Andur looked at his own hands and then down at his body. “So do I!” he agreed.



“But … just one problem,” Toal said ruefully. “There are still two of us!”

Ivory Elder stared in disbelief at the two beings on either side of him.

An ear shattering screeching echoes through the moonscape.

The SEG must have heard Andur and Toal crying out in pain while they were in the moon pools. The Alpha SEG calls out for back up and in no time a full-on SEG herd is on its way to the pools. The three Outlanders have no choice but to teleport away. However, will their new bodies be able to teleport? The last time they tried it didn’t go so well…[1]

Astrolog: The Split

The three Outlanders successfully teleport away at the last second. The Seg Attack is averted–for now. Andur, the now mostly blue Outlander, shakes his head. “This moon is too dangerous! We should leave.”

Toal, now mostly pink, frowns. “Wait, why leave? In fact, why did we run anyway? We could have taken them all on!”

Andur is surprised to hear his once other half be so brash. Toal continues, “If you two won’t deal with them I’ll do it myself, there's no point in just running away, especially from something so pathetic!”

“But, thats not why we came here in the first place,” Andur said in surprise. “Don’t you remember we want to find out who we are… where we came from? Don’t you want to continue this quest–don’t you want to find out who we are?”

Toal turned away almost angrily. “I know who I am,” he said coldly. “Goodbye Andur,” Toal said, beginning to walk away.

Andur watched his once other half walk away with a pang of sadness. Andur couldn’t help but feel slightly abandoned by his stronger half. Who knows where Toal will end up, what he’d go on to do. They may never see themselves again. Reluctantly Andur motioned a final farewell to the pinkish Outlander. “Goodbye Toal.”

The Ivory Elder put a comforting hand on Andur’s shoulder. “Come with me, young traveler. I may be able to find you a ship, so you can continue your quest.”[2]



Production PVC Andur Stabilized Outlander - Blue and Pink Outlander. Helmet included! 18 total parts. Released January 31st, 2014. $10 each.[3]


Production PVC Toal Stabilized Outlander - Pink and Blue Outlander. Helmet included! 18 total parts. Released January 31st, 2014. $10 each.[4]


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