Stealth Armorvor
Vital statistics
Name Stealth Armorvor
Species Armorvor
Origin Volkria


Armored Klace and the Stealth Armorvors

"Managed to get a shot of the Stealth Armorvor right at sunset, which created an interesting effect."[1]

Hades Force

Wave 23

Stealth Armorvor

The Stealth Armorvor was released with the Hades Mimic, each selling out quickly. The Stealth figure, which was and still is the no.1 choice for customizers, would later see further 'Mk.' releases, all of which being ice clear. Only the most hardcore of completists strive to have each Stealth MK in their collection.

The Council Of Travelers

Wave 25

Stealth Armorvor Mk. II

Clear Colorless/no paint. $8

Buildstation: Stealth

Wave 28

Stealth Armorvor Mk. III

Gendrone Voyager

Wave 33

Stealth Armorvor Mk. IV

Rig Crew II

Wave 39

Stealth Armorvor Mk. V

No Paint and bonus head. $8


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