Glyos Wiki
Zorennor Exploration Division Commander
Vital statistics
Name Sullkren
Species Traveler
Origin Unknown


Project: OMFG

The Rift Probe returns

Relgost Sector, Deep Space Reconnaissance Patrol. "A Rift Probe right where they said it would be..." Commander Sullkren commented. If he had been waiting long, it didn't show in his tone. Yet, he could sense something sinister here. The probe door opened, beckoning the Sarvos inside.

"Greetings, Commander Sullkren" the automated voice chimed. The Deep Space Glyan sat dead in the pilot's seat, the skull showing through the face plate. "Activate memory sync." the Commander ordered to the ship's systems. "Activating now." it dutifully replied.

The visual database begand to load. "Can it be... Zorennor?" he pondered as the holo display began to report.

Zorennor Exploration Division

Wedge Control

Gendrone Encounter: Sullkren's Path

Glyos United

Wave 20

Zorennor Exploration Division Commander Sullkren

Light Gray/Gray with Light Blue eyes. $8

Sullkren's Path

Wave 35

Commander Sullkren Mk. II

Detail Lined Light Gray/Gray w/ painted eyes, head, chest, pelvis, shoulders, hands and feet and/packed with Light Gray Phanost head, Light Gray Scar Pheyden head, Gray Traveler belt, Light Gray Pheyden head, Light Gray Pheyden chest and Light Gray Pheyden pelvis. $12


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