Switch Pin
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Vital statistics
Name Switch Pin
Species Glyan
Origin Unknown



Switch Pin Concept Art

"The general process of creating new parts is a real combo of paper rumbles and mini studies. Ron always pushes me to make smaller test sculpts before jumping into the finished work, especially with the backwards compatibility of what we do. Most of the time I'll follow this method, but sometimes things just come out of nowhere and go straight to the finished prototype.

These new parts were more of a planned meal, due to the measurements needing to be pretty precise so that they would actually function properly. We went through three rounds of test shots before the final production pieces would work correctly. Nailing the new vinyl Switch Pin was possibly the toughest, as it has to hold the whole show together.

Conceptual sketches are the usual mess of ideas, with a few done after the initial test shots failed to work (like the Switch Pin)."[1]

Switch Pins are a rare vinyl parts offered in occasional drops made available from Onell Design. Each kit consists of 1 male to male pin to connect female to female pieces or convert a female connection port into a male connection port. They can be combined with existing Core Block, Conversion Kit, Tri Hub Wedge, and other large vinyl pieces. The average price of a Switch Pin is $1.

Glyos United

Wave 20

Switch Pin Zorennor Exploration Division

Switch Pin Zorennor Exploration Division - Light Gray with Light Blue highlights. $1

Switch Pin Experimental Mechanics Division

Switch Pin Experimental Mechanics Division - Gray with Black highlights. $1

Stealth Dimension Division

Wave 21

Switch Pin Stealth Dimension Division

Switch Pin Stealth Dimension Division - Clear Colorless/no paint apps. $1

Record of the Delphi

Wave 22

Switch Pin Task Force Volkriun

Switch Pin Task Force Volkriun - Pappysoup Green/light green accents. $1

Glyaxia II

Wave 36

Switch Pin Glyaxia Command

Switch Pin Glyaxia Command - Blue Vinyl with Black accents. $1


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