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Vital statistics
Name Taxi
Species Human
Origin Earth


Trading Card[]

Tyler Jackson, call sign "Taxi", is a world class fighter pilot and soldier. After losing his partner in a mech accident during test trials for Project Pegasus, Taxi did everything he could to shutdown the Global Defense System. After its inevitable failure, Jackson repurposed the Pegasus flight tech for pilots. The winged jetpacks also double as UAV drones when not in use by soldiers. When the last remaining mech resurfaced on the West Coast, Taxi made it his sole prerogative to take down the robot before it could harm another human again.

Did You Know: Taxi was the last person to see Dr. Ken Kamada after the failure of Project Pegasus, before he died.



Mighty Maniax - Wave 4 Taxi. Yellow with paint applications. Includes 2 alternate heads, weapon and flight pack. 3" tall figure. 17 total parts. Glyos compatible. Released on December 30th, 2022. $25 each.