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Arcade Hiser
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Rift Killer Leader
Vital statistics
Name Arcade Hiser
Species Human
Origin Earth


Cosplayer-turned-hero, Teal join the Knights of the Slice in its early years. On a mission to stop Skallgrimmson, Teal kills the villain which breaks the sacred oath of all Knights: Use only non-lethal means to resolve problems. Fred of Fred Foods assigns Teal a special side-quest to the next mission but is kidnapped by a mysteriously shaped ship. He later returned as leader of the Rift Killers swearing revenge upon his former team and more recently sporting a new look.


Originally the Knights of the Slice were portrayed by hired union actors for live events. As the need for the Knights to run security alongside deliveries increased, the huge insurance liability for putting outside contractors at risk was too much to bear. So Pizza Shunt CEO Fred had the idea to use corporate staff, with the proper training, as security. With employee contracts already covering any fatal eventualities, Fred could fill the suits with his own people.

Unfortunately, 99% of his staff was morbidly obese due to constantly eating Pizza Shunt’s offerings, so filling the role came down to who could actually fit into the suit’s measurements.

Ironically, it was something as insignificant as dietary restrictions that led to the selection of Lime & Brick. Lime had severe allergies to diary, gluten, and.. well… everything. Brick, a committed pacifist, was strictly vegan and plant-based.


Living in a cardboard shanty town behind an old arcade, Teal spent his days sneaking in (without triggering any alarms) and playing video games all night long. Life on the streets left him with a short temper that ultimately serves him well in battle… but hinders his personal relationships.

He also never ate a vegetable until he was 12.

A homeless youth, Teal took it upon himself to patrol his troubled neighborhood decked out in a D.I.Y. costume fashioned just like his heroes - The Knights of the Slice. One fortuitous evening, the actual Knights witnessed Teal in a battle with some local robots (wearing clothes) and intervened to save the youth. Impressed with his guts and the fact he had the right body type to work for Pizza Shunt, Brick and Lime took him in as one of their own.

When the KOTS get a suit upgrade, each is given a power that reflects their skillset. With all of Teal’s time spent sneaking into arcades after hours and avoiding CCTV detection, he was a natural fit for the Stealth upgrade. By adding a super-thin light refraction layer to his costume, Teal is able to become near unseeable so long as he doesn’t move and keeps quite. The mode is activated by depressing the button on his gauntlet.

Last seen in Issue #3 of the KOTS comic book, Teal abandoned his teammates to complete a secret mission. He was presumed dead, but now reappears in command of an army of creatures known as the "Rift Killers". Whatever happened to him over the past few years left him twisted, wanting revenge.

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Teal hunkered over the holo-screen aboard the Rift Killer's space hulk. The hollow suits of armor around him clicked in their own unintelligible language. "There" He pointed. An abandoned soda factory. "Aim your piercer cannon into that." Once their abductee, Teal had fought tooth and nail to eventually lead these infernal creatures. "When the Chaos King died, his particles were scattered throughout this site. Superheating it will activate those particles and give birth to an army of Slime Knights. Fighting them will deplete the resources of the K.O.T.S... and then Earth is easy pickings." He didn't bother to disclose to the creatures that the Chaos King spoke to him, laid out this plan for him. How could he? The Rift Killers, though brutal warriors, had the intelligence of dogs. But these dogs of war he would lead to victory.

Teal Rig Killer - Brian Phelps

Bad news Squires-of-the-Slice! Rex Ganon failed to stop Rift Killer Teal!!!! After Teal quickly punched his way through Max, Rex showed up for the final showdown.

It was a brutal fight, with Teal using his disregard for civilians and destruction of public property to distract Rex. The A.I. Lime's robotic chirping didn't help matters either. With a swift uppercut, Rex fell....and now the Rift Killers are unchallenged.

There may only be one person who can stop Teal now.

.....the Coprolite.....[1]


Teal Knight[]

Powers: Street smarts and perfect stealth. Secret identity, Randy Cade Tibb (aka R.C). Weaknesses: Onions.

Production Teal Knight with Gold Chrome. 3 3/4" tall with 10 points of articulation. Run of 1000 pieces. Fedora and Pizza cutter weapon included. 20 total parts. WeLoveFine and Kickstarter Exclusive. Released October 2015. $15.00 each. Also released Blind Bag through Hastings, 6 per case.[2]

Stealth Knight[]

Powers: Near invisibility, spooky ghost noises. Weaknesses: Transparent motives.

Production Teal Knight Clear Mode. 3 3/4" tall with 10 points of articulation. 18 total parts. Hastings Blind Bag Exclusive, ratio of 3/24. Released November 2015. $14.99 each.[3][4]

Rift Killer Teal[]

"Last seen in Issue #3 of the KOTS comic book, Teal abandoned his teammates to complete a secret mission. He was presumed dead, but now reappears in command of an army of creatures known as the "Rift Killers". Whatever happened to him over the past few years left him twisted, wanting revenge."

Production PVC KOTS Rift Killer Teal figure. Neon Blue with Red paint applications and black wash detail lines. 3 3/4" tall. 12 total parts + bonus head. Released on June 18th, 2018. $18 each.

AFOTM Club Clear Knight[]

"It's clear! It's perfect for customs! It's fun and ice-cube-like! SUPER LIMITED STOCK...once he's sold out, he's gone for good!" (Material Boy: Clear Knight Re-release description)

For the first time ever, after many relentless requests, we are re-running or original Clear Classic Knight of the Slice. Originally a staple of the first year of selling KOTS online, the Clear Knights were stockpiled by customers and fans alike, until it finally sold out. While the order of the KOTS promised never to re-run a style ever again, the Kickstarter garnered so much success, this seemed like a fitting reward for all your support. Order as many as you like! But once it's gone, its gone for good...for real this time. $10 each through Action Figure of the Month Club Backer Kit store. Figure shipped with AFOTM April 2019 orders. Released online (public) on April 4th, 2019. $14 each.