Technician Zeroids
Prime Zeroid
Vital statistics
Name Technician Zeroids
Species Zeroids
Origin Zero


Zeroids loyal to Super Zeroid Black and his secret form. They also design ways for the Nazarran brains to rebuild fallen Neo Zeroids into vehicles for the Shadow Warriors.

Technician Zeroid is a special Contained Build using 1 Robo Force kit and 1 Neo Zeroids kit. The leftover pieces can assemble Super Zeroid Black. With a Nazarran brain, you can switch Super Zeroid Black's dome around to create Nazgar the Tyrant.


See: Nazgar the Tyrant Lives!


Prime Zeroid Edition

Production Super Zeroid Black and Technician Zeroid aka NAZGAR the TYRANT! Ships in Maxx Zero and Explorer configuration with an additional SPECIAL FIRST EDITION Nazgar head only available here! BUILD THE ULTIMATE TYRANT! OR build SUPER ZEROID BLACK, Nazgar's secret identity, and the Nazguardian / Technician Zeroid! Metallic Black with Red Accents and Zeroid Z tampo. 58 pieces. Released February 7th, 2016. $35 each.


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