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The Citadel
during more peaceful times
Vital statistics
Type City
Location Monkaa
Capital The Citadel
Inhabitants Weaponeer


The Capital of The Gearo was not at all what The Stranger expected. He had assumed it would be a magnificent castle overflowing with opulence and grandeur. It was grand, but only in its scale and solidity. Surrounded by a great wall of metal and stone, it housed thousands of Gearo warriors, smiths, clerics and Gohlem of all kind. There were no gaudy shows of wealth, but every brick, stone and rivet spoke of simple strength and honest craftsmanship. Great towers watched over the city within, each one made of the major elements of Monkaa. The Stranger recognized a tower built of the same mysterious metal that formed Palidar's armor. Another nearby tower, made of crystal sparkled in the fading sunlight. In the distance he saw towers of stone of various types. At the center of the city he beheld a large fortress made of the same bright red alloy that Empyreus's armor was fashioned from. It was that Citadel he, Palidar and Empyreus were headed toward.[1]