The Mutant Muck Menace!
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Released April 26–28, 2013 (C2E2 2013 Exclusive)
Story Brandon Michael Barker and Eric Scot Lemons
Art Cory Hamscher (pencils & inks) and Sean Forney (colors)


The Mutant Muck Menace!

On the outskirts of Wor, near the Southeastern Wall, lies the Perpetua Mire. Home of the late Doctor Telek Hollis' once famous laboratory. The Lab has laid vacant since the tragic accident that destroyed the Doctor's life. Vacant until tonight... For the good Doctor has returned as... Bog-Nar the Mutant Muck Menace!

"Oh, to visit one's former home is to visit one's former self. Such an embarrassment you were, Telek. Such astounding naivete. Your wife. Your cohorts. You were their puppet! And such a malleable puppet, you did play. But you will get your revenge. You will be their glorious downfall!" gloated Bog-Nar.

Clawbber confronts the Muck Menace, his loyal men in tow. They have been watching the home Dr. Hollis once left to burn & crumble into the swamp for some time. Waiting to arrest Bog-Nar when he eventually returned. Bog-Nar only wants to claim what is his, but Clawbber reminds him those are the belongings of his former self. However, Bog-Nar is better than his former human roots and attacks the city's Worian Guard. With trusty staff in hand Bog-Nar knocks the trio back, but Clawbber returns to clock the mutant with a gauntlet uppercut. Trapped in Clawbber's golden claw, Bog-Nar is given a chance to explain his actions.

"Dekay is... building an army. And with my... help... a time storm resistant... army. We will surround... the city of Wor... and tear it apart... Brick by brick! Limb from limb!" revealed the Muck Menace.

Capturing Clawbber's two loyal men in his tekno-shears, Bog-Nar bargained for his freedom. It was an old-fashioned Pharynxian standoff. Who had more to lose? Clawbber allowed Bog-Nar to vanish into the night while checking on his men.[1][2]



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