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The Old Heroes
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Faction The Old Heroes
Division of None
Species Human
Origin Earth
Command None
Rival(s) Various


Old Heroes are personal creations by Jesse DeStasio during his youth. They have been updated and incorporated into the ongoing Knights of the Slice and Crae the Jagged Age storylines with their figure releases.


Origin Story: Rebel Knight

A young veteran of the Food Wars, Rebel came back to the civilian life without a place in the world when he returned to Brownsville, NY. Unemployed and starving, he took to costumed vigilantism. By robbing petty criminals at gunpoint, he not only cleaned up the streets, but he also filled his coffers. Morality means little to a man who served his country and still can’t get ahead.

A mysterious invitation brings rebel to an abandoned ice cream shop on Coney Island, where a re-purposed Knight of the Slice servo suit awaits him. Someone even took the time to spray paint the costume to look like his official outfit, how nice! The suit is accompanied only by a note saying “Cause some trouble for the K.O.T.S.

An avid gun collector, Rebel Knight has a vast armory of weapons that accompany him on his missions to clean up the streets. This prized firearm is the french bullpup-style FAMAS, which he has named Hector.

His love of the rifle started as a kid, when he played the antique video game "Call Of Duty" the old fashioned way-- without a 4th dimensional projector or any of the stim-haptic feed suits.

Origin Story: Rex Ganon

REX GANON - The Indestructible Man! A former military type who swore off violence and pays the bills with the odd-mercenary contracts. Rex reluctantly accepts a position to become the leader of the KOTS in exchange for information on his missing colleague, Vaughn Von Braughn.

Origin Story: Gamma Guy

Former body-building mascot of the Nuked Cow hamburger chain (a competitor of Pizza Shunt), Gamma Guy ate too many of their experimental Bio Burgers and became poisoned with radiation sickness. One of the side effects causes his extremities to glow bright orange. Nuked Cow dismissed him and tried to bury the affair, leaving GG without a job, healthcare, or much time to live.

Hearing about the healing potential of the servo suits, Gamma applies for a job to be a Knight, only to be turned away due to his inability to pass the medical. This rejection starts a burning hatred for GG towards the order of the KOTS.

Thinking it’s his last chance at survival, GG starts planning to use his radioactive powers to break into the KOTS HQ and steal a servo suit for himself.

In what can only be suspect timing, a note appears beckoning him to Coney Island...

Origin: Crae Drake

Crae Drake's life is turned upside down when his family home is burned down and his parents are killed. The only clue to the murderer is a giant reptilian footprint in the mud. Heading to the seaside kingdom of Nosvera, Crae starts unfurls a web of spies to help track down his parent's killer.

Origin: Gildhamere DeLuka

Crucial to Crae’s story is his counterpart of Gildhamere DeLuka. Born into a comfortable royal family, DeLuka throws himself into a life of fisticuffs and knighthood. While Crae is a bit somber and thoughtful, DeLuka is brash and combative (as well as handsome). The two start as rivals in a duel, an occasion they mark every year with a new sword fight.

Origin: Anton Polyakov Krosszskulls

Known mostly by just his last name. A soviet genetic wet dream. Turned 18 in the formative year of 1984, the year he first shows up in the United States. The Kremlin sent him to Mackinac Island for a sort of "culture exchange" between the USSR and the USA. Representing the later was none other than our "friends" at Fred Foods, Inc. with their attache designated as one "Proto Knight".

Origin: Cat Claw

Instability in Harbor Noir! Through a manipulation of currency, Alexander is able to purchase several municipal assets in and around Harbor Noir, forcing the closure of food banks and free clinics. The ensuing crime rate causes normal men to turn to vigilantism. Cat Claw is one such man, using his background as an engineer to create different gadgets and weapons to protect his neighborhood.[1]

Origin: Harley Hexum

Harley Hexum is a simple man with simple pleasures. He likes to go fast, he like motor bikes, and not much else. When an alien spacecraft incinerates his favorite moto, he swears a life-long hatred to other-worlders. He's a man of few words and much lethal action.

Origin: Daniel Marley

Daniel Marley was a normal kid in the 80s, dreaming of Star Wars and building model kits, until one night he was abducted by aliens and experimented with. The trauma of this event led him to the world of contract killing, specializing on extraterrestrials hiding here on Earth.  

Many years have passed and Marley is back on the scene, forced into the assassin game due to overwhelming medical bills. He spent decades fighting cancer (likely caused by exposure to alien technology) and his weakened state is not ideal for competing in the open market place of hitmen. But with the support of his longtime friend, Harley Hexum, the duo are sure to leave their mark.

Origin Unknown: Prototops

Prototops is a Cherubium, a creature cursed with an dinosaur head but a humanoid body. He's an intensely private being, and his origin is unknown, but he is a respected member of CroMega's inner circle. It's alluded to that he is one of many dino-related cherubium on Pangea Island, and he's often advocated for the marginalized group.





Heroes of Nosvera


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