The Realms
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Tribes of Battle
Vital statistics
Type Planet
Location Outer Space
Capital Unknown
Inhabitants Various


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A planet teaming with life, the more barbaric species controlling the planet locally known as "The Realms" are constantly feuding in great tribal battles. Occasionally stories are archived by an unknown person only known as The Stranger. More worrisome is the planet's growing natural resource known as Oozarian which could spread across the known universe with dire results.

"The War of the Tribes has brought much peril and strife to our realms. However there is a special breed of man that thrives under such harrowing conditions. Once such man is the Savage Adventurer. His origins are unclear, but his courage, tenacity and battle prowess is unmatched. Rarely aligning with one Tribe for long, the Savage Adventurer has a deep hatred of injustice and suffering and is always at the forefront of battle when innocent lives are threatened." - The Stranger


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