The Return of Robo Force
Released October 2013 to Present
Story John Kent
Location(s) Zeton, Uzalek, Diavolus, Zero, "Jungle planet", Nesreta, X'Arb'ea, "Uncharted planet", "Frozen planet", Tarenz, L'An'Tuia, Dorchia, Andor
Character(s) Maxx Zero, Sentinel, Nazgar, Hun-Dred, Knight of Darkness, SOTA, Zintar, Zobor, Zerak, Zemo
Faction(s) Robo Force, Cult of Dred, Shadow Warriors, Hunters


Robo Force Lore is an additional supplement offered by Toyfinity to go with the figures and comic pages. The webcomic covers Maxx's return to Zeton and Dynagenesis with ZEM the Engima along with the fall of the original Hun-Dred before being reforged with Solution Fourteen.

The Return of the Maxx

Searching for Home

Maxx Zero is a robotic warrior who, in search of his origins, made his way across the stars. On his travels he faced the Hordes of Rothan. He is the one who demolished the Arcos Portal at Delphi Minor. He even managed to escape the planet Uzalek without DNA Restructuring. He finally made his way to the planet on which he was built, the planet Zeton.[1]

Genesis on Zeton


Maxx Zero Genesis Edition

Reforged on his home planet of Zeton after being left for destroyed scrap metal, Maxx Zero finds himself reborn in Lab Seventeen.[2] After a short battle against the original Hun-Dred[3] and the discovery of an alternate bi-pedal mode[4], Maxx escapes from the Lab while Nazgar is left to reforge his loyal fallen warrior Hun-Dred.[5]

Maxx Zero and ZEM escape into the city of Celestia, looking for a way to overthrow Nazgar and the Cult of Dred, return order to Zeton, and unravel the secret of the Hidden Fortresses of Steele. With allies freed from the claws of Hun-Dred the Conqueror through ZEM's Dynagenesis Effect and an ever-increasing series of powerful adversaries... The original Steele-Forged hero Maxx Zero and the Robo Force battle for the freedom of all living creatures!

Origin of Enemy the Dictator


Battlestar's Guardian of Celestia forces


A page from the Toyfinity Robo Force comic book featuring the Rust Rain of Zeton

The unexpected activation of Maxx Zero - and his subsequent defeat of Hun-Dred - caused a change in Nazgar’s long-term plans. Subjugating the Zetonian robots and finding a Z-Core to prolong his life had brought Nazgar to Zeton; now opportunity had presented him with a functioning machine - a working Z-Core. All he had to do was catch him.

The problem was, the Cult of Dred did not have a standing army. The Conquest Destroyer was staffed by a skeleton crew of technicians and the Carren – not a warrior among them. The advanced weapons capabilities of Maxx Zero, as well as the unknown energy abilities of ZEM, would be difficult to overcome. The initial answer came from the enslaved Zetonians; Nazgar’s "rust rain" had erased their minds and reduced them to a simple set of commands. A Zetonian robot-construction facility was converted into a factory to build the machines of war. Each mechanoid was stripped down and outfitted with a new unified face and rudimentary Zetonian weaponry. With a set of new internal commands created by the Cult of Dred, these new Guardian robots were sent out to find Maxx Zero and destroy him. However, the limited mental capacity of the Guardians – running a program which did not give them much independent thought – was a major hindrance, along with the available raw materials for weapons on Zeton yielding only basic blasters. Nazgar tasked the Knight with finding him the perfect prototypes off-world to create a new group of elite soldiers.


Knight of Darkness fending off Bat creatures

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Origins: Sentinel and Enemy[6]

The Knight of Darkness used his abilities to step between the bonds of reality to cross the dimensional barriers in his search. His second stop was inside the fortress of the sinister Ecroyex Initiative, home of powerful cyborg beings bent on universal destruction. A crack team of Darkness Shadow Troopers and the Knight himself slew the Ecroyex warriors, discovering a great prize among their war machines: a new type of mechanical warrior bristling with weaponry.

This new Enemy for Maxx Zero concealed double cannons in his chest, complimented with powerful arm blasters and a devastating retro-blaster concealed in the rear of his head. Given more substantial programming than their predecessor Guardian robots, Enemy and his partner-in-evil Robo Force’s Sentinel the Protector were given a special "Ultra Silver" laser-reflective armor coating and directives to bring back Maxx at any cost. Going against their programming, Enemy and Sentinel pursued Maxx into the wastelands beyond the city of Z-Celestia, beginning a journey which would last many years to come...[7]

Hun-Dred Reforged


The original Hun-Dred left smashed by Maxx Zero

"He's back, and tougher than ever, utilizing an alloy stolen from the Gendrone Rebellion by another dark soldier of Nazgar."[8]

Hun-Dred had a traumatic experience with Maxx Zero and ZEM when they busted out of the lab in Celestia. After his reforging with Solution Fourteen at the direction of Nazgar and his NEM scientists, Hun-Dred locked down Celestia, and created Battlestar in his own image with one purpose: capture Maxx Zero and ZEM. With a combination of ancient technologies known only to Hun-Dred, and the secret formula from Hun-Dred's own reforging, Battlestar is given a level of sentience beyond the basic program of the Nazgar drones...and a secret ability unknown to Hun-Dred... His duties, to protect Nazgar the Tyrant and Hun-Dred while finding Maxx Zero and ZEM.[9]

Forging of Battlestar


Battlestar the Guardian

Hun-Dred forges Battlestar in his own image after being reforged by Nazgar and his NEM scientists. His duties; to protect Nazgar the Tyrant and Hun-Dred while finding Maxx Zero and ZEM. After Battlestar's first encounter with Maxx and ZEM that leaves him literally in pieces, the reforging formula activates, giving Battlestar the ability to rebuild himself, regardless of injury. The only permanent loss is Battlestar's original voice, which is replaced by the vocalizer located on his chest.

With first-hand knowledge of the power of Maxx Zero, Battlestar goes to the factory which is rebuilding the Zetonians into Nazgar's drones and inputs his own designs... With the new Guardians of Celestia at his side, Battlestar's new sepulchral voice cries out through the city:


Genesis of Wrecker


Wrecker glows with power

Nazgar the Tyrant has enslaved Zeton and turned the once peaceful worker robots into machines of war. Stripped of personalities, faces, and their bodies, they serve evil itself. Wrecker, former head of the Consolidated Zetonian Workers Union, has been freed from enslavement by Maxx Zero and the Engima, ZEM. Now he demolishes in the name of good, going for a shot at the big man himself. Because there can only be one boss.

Mission: Infiltrate Glyaxia Command

Guns blazing

Maxx Zero Glyaxian Disguise

Vanguard Colors notext

Vanguard the Warrior

"ZEM has been abducted!"

Glyaxia Command captured the enigmatic mechanoid through a rift into the mysterious Glyos System. Sensing trouble, Maxx Zero went undercover, infiltrating Glyaxia Command's Block Base. Once inside, Maxx stumbled upon a nefarious plan - Glyaxia Command has stolen the designs for the Robo Force and intends to create a mechanical army!

To rescue ZEM, Maxx engaged in combat with three Elite Glyaxia Clones of Sentinel. Unexpectedly, dynagenesis occured, transforming the doppelgangers into a brand new ally - Vanguard the Warrior! Possessing three times the strength and power of a Protector Class Robot and wielding a super-charged forcefield blaster, Vanguard the Warrior turns the tables on Glyaxia Command!

Force Sync Armor Maxx

Maxx with Star Team upgrades

Maxx Zero Force Sync Armor

During a raid on Celestia, Maxx Zero is horrified to find that Battlestar has destroyed hundreds of Zetonians and reforged them into his city Guardians. While practicing Force Sync with Vanguard, Maxx Zero discovers a strange quirk in this reprocessed Zetonian matter - the dense Zetonian metal emblazoned with the logo of the long-forgotten STAR Team which each Guardian carries on his back calls to him. Maxx touches one of the Guardians, and it falls to pieces. The metal containing the symbol attaches to Maxx's chest, shifting pieces of his form to match the color of the metal.

With this newfound armor, Maxx truly is the invincible warrior of legend - but there is a catch. The armor of the STAR Team, working through whatever had been infused into the original metal, burns out in seventy seconds. Using this new knowledge, Maxx gains another advantage in his quest to take Zeton back from Nazgar and Hun-Dred.

Vanguard's triple-power and Glyaxian origins have also given him the ability to Force Sync with Maxx Zero to create Dreadnought Maxx Zero.

Batch 237

Cruel and Brutal began as standard Drone Troopers for the Cult of Dred. Hun-Dred originally sent out dozens of these soldiers, rebuilt from the remains of Zetonian citizens, to expand their domain. Maxx and the Robo Force were able to decimate the ranks of these Troopers forcing Hun-Dred to turn the remains over to his NEM scientists for research. The NEM scientists have been charged with finding new and dangerous weapons to take down the Robo Force. Part of this research involves the various compounds which Nazgar has discovered over his 1000+ years of life. Collectively, the serums are referred to by the NEMs as the "dark forces" - a quirk from their reprogramming by Nazgar's drainer helmets. Batch after batch is run through reconfigured robotic entities, seeing what will activate new life in their Zetonian power sources.

Cruel ult

Cruel the Detonator

Brutal ult

Brutal the Activator

Cruel was the result of batch 237, a mixture of numerous serums. Though granted new life by the serum, Cruel's voice has been taken from him (even though an examination of his vocal circuitry reveals no reason for this lack of speech). Cruel breaks free of the NEMs and builds himself a new body, along with a small mindless drone friend he calls "Vul-gar".

This silent warrior enforces the will of Hun-Dred with his Hammerforge Fists! Now, he will carry out his mission - destroy Maxx Zero!

Brutal is the perfect match for Cruel's talents - talkative, brash, angry and strong, he always has Cruel's back in the fight with the Robo Force! His ultimate fate is still a mystery...

Experiment Failure

Fortress of Zuyruden



An experiment found in the wrecked Fortress of Zuyruden turned out to be one of Maxx Zero's toughest foes. With more powerful hover legs and increased firepower, it took the concentrated effort of the entire Robo Force to defeat this mad mechanoid.[11]

Interlude: Maxx-One-Million Saga

Maxx looked at the two war machines pursuing him. He sent the signal to Wrecker - it was time for him to hide, to protect Mordie. Maxx would lead these machines into the desert outside of Z-Celestia with an unconscious ZEM over his shoulder while he learned more about his new adversaries. It was some time later after Sentinel had been converted to a Force member that they stumbled upon one of the lost Fortresses of the Zeroids. Built in the distant past, each Fortress contained the vast information collected by a single Prime Zeroid.

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Preparing for creation...

It was inside the ransacked Fortress of Zuyruden (the Constructor) that the Force encountered a mad mechanoid calling itself Maxx-One-Million. If it had awakened and destroyed the fortress, or if Cult of Dred members had done so looking for resources, Maxx Zero could not say. What the Force could see was that this machine had been modified beyond the standard Zetonian form - whereas Maxx had gained a hoverpod during his awakening in the labs of Z-Celestia, M1M could actually fly with the incredible force generated by his leg jets. Its arms ended in powerful cannons, knocking ZEM out of the battle early. Sentinel and Maxx worked together, using their combined firepower and leftover demolition charges to explode M1M into fragments. This was not the end of M1M, though. This particular robot had been an experiment... could a robotic consciousness operate independent of a core, the primary power source of a Zetonian? M1M existed as energy, retrofitting mechanical bodies to his needs.

The Force later faced M1M again, destroying his energy form inside one of Vanguard's shield bubbles. The threat of Maxx-1-Million was defeated... but deep inside the Fortress of Zuyruden, a circuit board activated at the end of M1M. A pulse wave was generated by the fortress, mixed with chrono-energy and channeled through the still-intact transmitter array of the fortress, broadcasting a message into deep space. The message was a simple and clear one: Experiment failure. Activate core... Omega-One. A machine activated, preparing for creation...[12]

The Imperious Dilemma

Loss and Defeat

The Robo Force has been defeated. Maxx Zero, for the first time in his existence, runs from his duty to any mission, any time, any place and heads out into the void of space. The loss of one of his strongest Force members is just too much to bear.

His travels bring him to planet Diavolus, far from the reach of Nazgar and the Cult of Dred. The native snake-like creatures have little interest in him, a change from other worlds he has visited over the years. Maxx explores the planet, enjoying the lack of mechanical influence.

Forbidden Swamp

Deep Dive Maxx crop

Maxx Zero's Deep Dive mode[13]

During a routine exploration of a major swampland on the planet, Maxx sees a strange glow from underneath the water. Switching to Deep Dive mode, he explores the underbelly of the swamp... through the murk, he finds a surprising discovery - a large metallic gate, with a smaller metallic gate embedded in the bottom. His natural curiosity stoked, Maxx investigates. The door opens easily and surprisingly, into a chamber that the water does not flow into. Maxx converts back to his standard mode, ready for a trap to be sprung. It's always a trap, he thinks.

Beyond the room which blocks water from flowing in, Maxx sees mechanical structures familiar to him from the Glyaxia Excursion - a room constructed completely out of solid gold Blocks. Maxx waves his hand over the wall, and it responds to him, machinery whirring and clicking. A Block slides aside, allowing him access...


Maxx meets the Ancient Constructs

Inside of the golden Block Base, it appears completely transparent - encased in an energy field that keeps the contents secure from scans. Maxx is stunned to find thirty two giant mechanical beings, completely devoid of paint and markings. He touches them - the machinery is familiar, but not familiar.

"Why are you here?", he wonders.

When MAXX ZERO activates the Ancient Constructs, a long forgotten signal is sent that no modern robotic entity can decode - but it is heard by the Zeroids! Will they be friends to the Robo Force... or enemies?[14]

The Search for Maxx Zero

Fangar 20and 20Friends 203 201024 original

Fangar, Imperious Maxx, and Demonslither

After a devastating loss to the Robo Force team, Maxx Zero abandons Zeton to grieve over his lost friend. Months go by when ZEM has a vision of Maxx terrorizing a planet of bat creatures. Sentinel, ZEM, and Wrecker take to the Star Falke to planet Diavolus to investigate.

There they find Maxx has modified himself into a golden metallic warlord with little regard for biological life. There is also a new non-Zetonian robot with Maxx, the slithery Fangar the Conspirator.

Robo Force is faced with a horrible decision - do they join their commander in his new mission and forget liberating Zeton from Nazgar, or uphold his previous ideals and destroy him to save the native populace?

Also, what is the secret of the Forbidden Swamp? What is the strange glow that fills the water nightly? What could have pushed Maxx to enslave an entire planet?[15]

The Return of the Zeroids

The Reawakening

After their reawakening on a strange beast-filled world, with the loss of their history and knowledge, the Zeroids looked to reestablish themselves in the universe. Led by Zintar the Explorer and Zerak the Destroyer, the Zeroids escaped into space in a barely-functioning makeshift Exploration Module and began a search for a new home to replace their lost Planet Zero.

The Zeroid Ascendancy

Commander Zogg

Commander Zogg (Classic Prime Zeroids Form)

Many years later... The Zeroid Ascendancy has been fractured.

Key philosophical differences between Zintar and Zerak, without the firm claws of Commander Zogg to guide them, have led to different evolutionary paths for these mechanical wonders. The tribes of the Prime Zeroids have gone their own ways, interacting very little over the interceding years.

Neo Zeroid Assassin, modeled after the Neo form of his patron Zintar, is charged with one mission: recovering Zeroid technology from the hands of the organics - or destroying it.

Assassin employs the newest in Zeroid technology - a Magnet Blaster replaces the old Magnet Hand, turning it into a powerful weapon against all types of life, while the magnetic generator tied to his Beta Core allows him to float over most surfaces. He lives in a natural state of distrust after the instances of sheer ignorance he has witnessed from other beings. He hopes to one day return the artifacts he and his partner have found to Zintar...though it has been many years since Zintar has returned a communication.

Neo Zeroid Assassin has an assistant in his divine mission - Zeroid Striker. Built in an earlier time, Striker now serves as Assassin's protector, guardian, and muscle in the divine quest to protect the legacy of the Zeroids.[16][17]

Nazgar the Tyrant Lives!

The greatest threat to Maxx Zero and the Robo Force is here!


Fueled by the power of Zandor's Z-Core, the legendary energy source of the Prime Zeroids, the Ultimate Tyrant can finally face Maxx head on in mortal combat - when he's not in his disguise of Super Zeroid Black and searching for the ultimate Zeroid weapon!


Nazgar returns with Zeroid technology

The development of the Super Zeroid Black was one of Zemo the Hunter's pet projects, but Assassin had never seen one until that day on Nesreta. The Zeroid artifacts were within his grasp, until Super Zeroid Black showed up and stole them away.

Super Zeroid Black and his assistants, the Technician Zeroids, are on the same quest for Zeroid technology, though Assassin cannot recognize the design of the Super Zeroid Black from his database... not that he has been able to contact Zintar The Explorer for a number of years now to discern the origin of Super Zeroid Black.

Now these two Zeroid warriors engage in a game of cat and mouse, searching for the legacy of the Zeroids... though Super Zeroid Black has an agenda of his own that will affect the entire universe because what they don't know is that Super Zeroid Black is secretly Nazgar the Tyrant and is protected by the loyal Nazguardians!

With his acquisition of a Z-Core, the most powerful energy source for mechanical beings in the known universe, Nazgar is able to shed his old life-sustaining biosuit and create an entirely new form for himself out of Zeroid technology. Will Maxx Zero and the Robo Force be able to stop him?[18]

Welcome to the Jungle

The Great Hunt

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Surrounded by Hunter Neo Zeroids

The long battles on Diavolus were over... Maxx Zero and the Robo Force had gained new friends in Neo Zeroid Assassin and Zeroid Striker, as well as a new mission: find the Prime Zeroids and unlock the secrets of planet Zeton!

The journey took Maxx, his second-in-command and hotheaded brother-in-arms Sentinel the Protector, Assassin, and Striker deep into sections of the galaxy untouched since the explorations of the STAR Team generations before. The signal of a Zeroid Sensor Station drew the Force's attention; Assassin demanded they investigate, in case any Zeroid was still functioning on the planet.


Zemorian the Hunter Tribe leader

Deep in the foliage of a jungle planet, the Robo Force discovered a forgotten tribe of Hunter Neo Zeroids...

Led by the first-constructed of Zeroid Zemo himself, Zemorian. Burnt-out circuitry and faulty memory chips had driven Zemorian into a paranoid state. He believed that any visitor to the planet was trying to take their jungle away - and would have to prove their claim to the planet by undergoing Zemo's test - the Great Hunt.

Stripped of their weapons, Maxx and the team must once again find a way to prevail over a superior foe - another impossible mission for the Robo Force!

Darkness Falls


Darkness Soldiers appear!

But there was a greater problem on the horizon... What the Hunters did not know was that another group had tracked their signal - a group that believed the resurgence of the Zeroids would lead to the destruction of the universe. And so, it was time for the shroud of Darkness to fall once again.

The Darkness Soldiers entered the jungle with simple orders - bring back any mechanoid powered by a Z-Core (the energy source at the heart of the Prime Zeroids AND Maxx Zero) and destroy the rest. Who will survive this conflict of wills in the primal elements of a planet untamed by technology or men? The Hunters? The Hunted? Or a literal legion of Darkness?[19]

High above the jungle planet the Technician Zeroid waiting in orbit transmits schematics for a new vehicle while observing the battle against the Hunter Neo Zeroids. The Darkness Soldiers can reconfigure the deactivated forms of fallen Zeroids into new creations. With their newly minted Hover Tank, would Maxx and the Robo Force stand a chance against the Darkness Soldiers?

The Origin of the Nazarran


Combing the jungle surface

The forces of Darkness comb the jungle planet, backed up by the power of CRUEL the DETONATOR...

It was with great disappointment that Nazgar the Tyrant learned of the defeat of the Darkness Soldiers by Maxx Zero and his Robo Force on the jungle planet of the Hunter Zeroids. The Zeroids, his greatest enemy... those who had taken his flesh and blood from him... their reappearance did not bode well for Nazgar's long-term plans. Even with his new body, fueled by one of the Zeroid's own Z-CORES, Nazgar still felt the fear which had creeped into his soul during the hundreds of years he was previously trapped in a small meti-plex jar. It could be no coincidence that they were seen again so close chronologically to when Maxx Zero appeared on Zeton - in a Zeroid Exploration Module to boot. If Commander Zogg still functioned somewhere... Nazgar resolved himself. Was he not the subjugator of worlds? The lone warrior in a crusade against the false gods of a thousand worlds? Maxx Zero - the Robo Force - the Zeroids - they were only problems to be solved.

New strategies were needed.

Nazareen002 collage

Cruel and Brutal join the Darkness Soldiers


Brutal brings up the rear

Nazgar left Zeton in the care of Battlestar the Guardian while Hun-Dred recovered from the Battle at Futura One. He would infiltrate the Zeroids using the transformation capabilities of his new form, in a new body lost to legend and discovered by the Cult of Dred - a "Super Zeroid". At the same time, he sent Cruel and Brutal to the jungle planet with a simple mission: find and capture a Zeroid... for a blasphemous experiment.

Commanding a literal army of Darkness Soldiers, Brutal and Cruel stalk their prey with the dark forces at their command! The terrain of the jungle planet varies, necessitating the use of Hover Tanks for some of the Soldiers. Immense foliage hides the energy signatures of the Zeroids. Cruel's silent form watches over the Darkness Soldiers. He supplies a special weapon to the commander of the Darkness which will be able to stun the Zeroid, should they find one. Brutal sings a ridiculous tune about "devil Zeroids in the tall grass" as he tears up the earth with his hooked arms.

Nazareen007 collage

Hunter Zeroid captured

A Zeroid darts out from its hiding place, but Brutal moves with unearthly reflexes. "I've got one, Cruel bay-bey!" Brutal exclaims. The Darkness Soldiers rush over, weapons at the ready. A Magnet Blaster shot knocks one Soldier unconscious. The hover tank moves into place, blasting the Hunter Zeroid with incredible concentrated magnetic force. The shock sends the Zeroid into a powered down state.

Now the experiment can begin.

With the Zeroid stunned, Cruel signals through his incredible communication antennae with his dark master, Nazgar. A short time later, a Darkness Soldier bears witness to the technological desecration to come. Nazgar has arrived! His brain rises from the shielding on top of his body, no longer stuck in a jar due to the infusion of Z-Core energy and Manglor blood! "Good job, my warriors." proclaims Nazgar. "The experiment can now begin." Though Cruel did not speak, Nazgar could sense that his silent warrior enjoyed the encouragement.

Nazareen008 collage



Nazarran Neo Zeroid in final form

From his techno-pack, Nazgar draws a biological horror - the Nazarran, a mass of tissue derived from his own superior restructured genetics. Its programming is known only to Nazgar, but it surely does not carry good tidings for the Zeroids. The creature is attached, a secretion of biological rust agents dripping onto the metals of the Hunter Zeroid. It digs into the casing that holds the brain mechanisms of the Zeroid, attaching itself deeply, learning the secrets of body configurations, weapon capabilities. Long dormant self-defense mechanisms take over, erasing the mind of the Zeroid before secret memories can be obtained. The machine and the flesh become one.

In its final moments, the Hunter Zeroid awakens, feels the pain of the Nazarran digging into its circuitry - whatever the approximation of pain the long-ago First Zeroid programmed into his progeny was equivalent to. His final thought before the creature and self-defense programming erased his mind, his personality, his soul forever was of Zemo the Hunter. The Zeroid made a wish... a wish that his Zeroid patron would avenge this blasphemy against mechanical life.


Nazgar celebrates their success

The creature finished the changes in the body of the Neo Zeroid, creating a mobility system for it to move. Programmed with hate on a biological level, the Nazarran use Zeroid technology against the Prime Zeroids in a quest to subjugate the mechanical beings of the universe! Nazgar and his warriors celebrate the blending of flesh and machine![20]

The Hunter's Challenge

Arjox profile

Arjox of the Neo Zeroid Hunter Tribe with his hard light weapon

Zemo had built Zemorian using the modular Neo Zeroid technology developed after the Prime Zeroids escaped from the planet of the beasts. As children are apt to do, Zemorian disagreed with his "father" over the specifics of the Great Hunt - any entities they came across were their prey, where ZEMO believed more in the purity of hunting evil creatures to hone their skills.

Zemorian stole a ZEM Saucer and twenty blank Explorer Neo Zeroids, escaping into the universe. Eventually, they found a jungle planet to settle on, awaiting those who would participate in the Great Hunt.

Zemorian built the Explorer Zeroids to their original specs, later granting those who made a successful kill in the hunt a second form. This was made all the more difficult, as one of the main tenets of being a Hunter was only using the magnet blaster to create spiked weapons and not as a blaster.

Hovertank mk2

Shadow Warriors Hover Tank created from fallen Neo Zeroids

Explorer mode Zeroids used a specific module as their head, containing most of their brain technology. The dome worn on the Explorer head was mainly ornamental when compared to Zintar's original body, so Zemorian made the dome into a weapon: a deadly cutting disc which could be thrown in the hunt. The chest emblem worn by the Explorers became a mohawk of sorts for these second form Hunters, signifying their passage into Hunter status.

After the Darkness Soldiers were thwarted in their crusade to destroy the Robo Force, Maxx left Zemorian and the Hunters to their own devices. One Hunter wanted more though. Arjox saw the insanity of his creator, asking Maxx if he could join the quest for the Prime Zeroids. Maxx agreed, the Robo Force gaining a new member.[21]

A Lost Outpost

The White of X'Arb'ea


Robots in storage at the facility, coated in a base white paint

Maxx Zero and the Robo Force have been following the path of the Prime Zeroids ever since meeting Assassin and Striker on Diavolus. It is Maxx's belief that Zintar the Explorer holds some long-lost knowledge about ZETON and how Nazgar can be defeated for all time, leading the Force on a quest throughout the stars.

After leaving the jungle planet of the Hunter Zeroids and adding Arjox to the team, Maxx continued upon the path he felt would lead to Zintar. It was along this path that the planet X'Arb'ea lay. Sensors in the Star Hawk notified Maxx that unique metals from Zeton were housed in the scientific outpost. Imagine his surprise when he found hundreds of half constructed Zetonian robots in storage at the facility, coated in a base white paint...[22]

The Legion

After Maxx Zero and the Robo Force defeated the Darkness Soldiers on the jungle planet of the Neo Hunter Zeroids, Nazgar called upon the Knight of Darkness to send a more powerful group of warriors to defeat Maxx. The Knight called upon a special division of his Darkness Soldiers known as the Legion.

Traveling in groups of five, the Legion is primarily used to infiltrate fortresses on worlds Nazgar wants crushed. The Legion would be the backbone of a special trap for the Robo Force...[23]

The Robo Force Trap

A cache of non-activated Explorer Neo Zeroids has been found by Nazgar's troops. Using the biological weapon known as the Nazarran, these Neo Zeroids will serve as a trap for Maxx Zero and the Robo Force. But when Sentinel discovers the secret of the Nazarran, he performs Dynagenesis on the infected Zeroids and creates an army of Protectors![24]

Sentinel's Last Stand

Tmp 2053-FullSizeRender-6-1020903719

Sentinel Transmission

Transmission incoming...
  • "Maxx, I'm sorry. I thought-"
  • "They-"
  • "A LEGION-"
  • "If there's time. If there's somehow time...."
  • "It was a trap. Don't activate t-"

A Protector's Destiny

He has been by Maxx Zero's side since almost the beginning. Sentinel the Protector is like Maxx's brother. And he is dying. The Ultra Silver covering given to him by the Cult of Dred has been stripped clean and a fatal wound delivered to his internal power supply. Sentinel's blue internal light is fading... his circuits go offline. Sentinel is gone.

What a mechanical being sees during its time in shutdown mode varies greatly from machine to machine. Some report nothingness - it is either activated or non-existent. What Sentinel saw when he was shut down in this case was a shimmering metallic orange robot - the robot which shared his model and configuration, Vanguard the Warrior. Vanguard... he who had been destroyed in battle months before and was the catalyst for Maxx's journey to find the Zeroids.

Sentinel looked at his brother-in-build, knowing that this was something beyond the life that had existed before. He was not a shining ghost as Vanguard was. Sentinel was a pale white specter, fading from existence. Vanguard laughed, the booming laugh he had used during his existence. Sentinel tried to speak but could not. Vanguard pointed at Sentinel with his shield arm - Sentinel was aware of a pink glow starting at his center, pulsing with strong energy.

And it was then that Sentinel lived again. His colors had changed to a base white with many highlights in color throughout his body. Sentinel's internal readouts detected a new option in his multi-function arms... Sentinel watched as his arm transformed into a powerful new weapon which he sensed could defeat the Nazarran. He charged into battle, letting loose a primal scream as Sentinel finally realized his destiny...[25]

Finding Zintar the Explorer

Invisible Warriors


Maxx transformed

Maxx Zero left Zeton during the grieving process for a fallen friend. He battled against the threat of Imperious Maxx and Demonslither. He learned of the existence of the Neo Zeroids, and their link to the ancient past of Zeton. Looking for answers to the origin of Zeton and the solution to rescuing his planet from the enslavement of Nazgar, Maxx quests for a crucial mechanical predecessor to the Neos - Zintar the Explorer, a legendary Prime Zeroid.

While making routine repairs to his ship on an uncharted planet, Maxx discovers a long forgotten Zeroid who has harnessed a rare element that allows him to become invisible - and its devastating effect on biological entities. Maxx uses the element to give himself invisibility, unaware that the interaction with biological material in his own Z-Core will have unintended side effects... While Maxx, the Forgotten Zeroid, and the rest of the Force battle horrible SLIME MORDLES, Maxx begins to hallucinate, his mental circuits poisoned by the element. His eyes shift to black, his mind possibly lost... Will Maxx prevail? Will the Slime Mordles destroy the universe?[26]

The Mordles! Those denizens of Uzalek, supreme eating machines! These are not the Mordles - they are a loving construct of evil, slime itself pressed into the shape of the Mordles! What is it about the Oozar element that does this to biological life?!?[27]

A Signal Link


Tracking Zintar's ship signal

Maxx Zero leads the New Robo Force on a quest through the universe to find the legendary Prime Zeroids!

On a planet stuck in deep freeze, the remains of an ancient Zeroid Exploration Module contain a signal link to Prime Zeroid Zintar's ship... Maxx's quest is coming to an end - will Zintar have the answers Maxx is looking for? And who's been tracking Maxx's progress since the very beginning?[28]

Return of Zintar


Hun-Dred vs Zintar

For over a year, Maxx Zero has been tracking Zintar the Explorer, one of the Prime Zeroids. It is Maxx's hope that the original Zeroids will be able to help him in his quest to defeat Nazgar the Tyrant and the evil Cult of Dred.

With information provided by the Forgotten Zeroid, Maxx races to the planet where Zintar is located, unaware that Hun-Dred the Conqueror has recovered from his injuries at Maxx's hands... and has also been seeking Zintar to preserve the ancient secrets of the Zeroids...[29][30]

As one of the Prime Zeroids, Zintar has explored the universe for hundreds of years to fulfill his original programming. Years of upgrades have left Zintar in a smaller but more powerful form than his original construction, imbued with incredible magnetic power from his Magnet Blaster arm. Currently he resides on the deserted planet of Tarenz, contemplating his existence, when a battered Star Hawk lands....[31]

The Conqueror Cometh



He is the leader of the Cult of Dred. Nazgar's brother in arms. The main advocate of the Nazgarian Theory: Let us test the races of the universe, as I have been tested; and should their creators want to spare their children my test, let them appear - so that they too may join their creations in oblivion. He is Hun-Dred.

After near fatal injuries at the hand of Maxx Zero, this ancient robotic entity has been repaired with the unstable Compound 14, giving him the supernatural ability to sense fear in other beings. Upon learning that Maxx Zero has finally found one of the Prime Zeroids from the network of Darkness Soldiers throughout the universe, Hun-Dred steels himself for what must happen: the destruction of Zintar the Explorer before he can reveal the secrets of the Zeroids to Maxx...[32]

For that extra psychological advantage over Maxx Zero, Hun-Dred builds the DRED-MAXXes, a more advanced form of the reforged Guardian Robots he used on Celestia. Dred-Maxx robots carry the symbol of the Cult of Dred, bringing the word of Nazgar to whoever Hun-Dred attacks![33]

The Journey of Maxx Zero

With information gleaned from a fading mechanical being, Maxx Zero set out for the planet of his creation: Zeton, world of living robots. But he would not find a vibrant, alive world when he arrived - Maxx was met by hyper lasers and resigned to the scrapheap of history. Only the unexpected awakening of the enigmatic ZEM and his unleashing of the powers of Dynagenesis allowed Maxx to return to life and battle the evil forces of the Cult of Dred.

After years of battle, Maxx left planet Zeton after a debilitating loss to the Cult of Dred. Maxx found himself in a tangle with Demonslither that required the rest of the Robo Force and Ding, the sole survivor of an extradimensional apocalypse, to solve.

Renewed, Maxx vowed to go back to Zeton and defeat Nazgar - but to his surprise, another Star Hawk arrived on the planet. Inside was Assassin, a Neo Zeroid, and his protector Striker, an earlier Zeroid model. After a brief skirmish with Darkness Soldiers, Maxx discovered the existence of a rare element Ryton which could hold the key to defeating Nazgar once and for all... but he would need to find the Prime Zeroids to get it.

So Maxx and the Robo Force set off across the stars, meeting different tribes of Neo Zeroids. Finally he was directed to the last known coordinates of Zintar the Explorer. It had been mere minutes after meeting Zintar when Hun-Dred the Conqueror attacked. Maxx had battled him before, but Hun-Dred was massively more powerful now. Zintar fought back against Hun-Dred, but he also was not strong enough.

Hun-Dred is just too powerful now - his rebirth has granted him strength beyond his previous abilities. After a particularly devastating hit that left Maxx and Zintar laying, Hun-Dred gloated that this would be the end of the Robo Force. Maxx Zero and Zintar look at each other, their eyes flashing with power. Something unexpected is happening. It is similar to the healing / transformative powers of Dynagenesis, but with a more specific focus - the twin Z-Cores that power both Maxx and Zintar (a mark of their Zeroid heritage) enter a sync state, unlocking a new combined form more powerful than any known to the Zeroid or Zetonian forms. Maxx felt a pulse from deep inside his Z-Core... his external armor activated a version of chameleon mode, his colors shifting to match Zintar... Vents on his chest opened and his eyes flashed as Zintar's flashed... it was then that Maxx and Zintar combined, bringing the Super Zeroid to life![34][35]

A Zemo Unit

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A Zemo unit

After his showdown with Zintar and Maxx Zero, Hun-Dred requested backup from the Cult of Dred. Nazgar sent him the silent warrior Cruel the Detonator and a group of Darkness Soldiers.

It was only a short time later that Hun-Dred was summoned to a planet holding a great hidden treasure of the Zeroids: a never-activated Zemo unit.[36]

Life After Zero

After a long search, Maxx has found Zintar the Explorer, one of the Prime Zeroids... but his quest is not over.

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Zintar explains the history of the Zeroids after Zero

Zintar took Maxx Zero back to his secret base on Tarenz to continue the discussion of what had happened to the Zeroids. Maxx sent the Star Hawk back to the frozen world which had given him the clues to Zintar’s location to pick up the rest of the Robo Force – they would surely want to hear this tale. The anticipation was high for what Zintar would say – even Mordie was excited! Though he wouldn’t be able to understand most of the Zeroid’s speech, Mordie was adept at reading body language. Maxx had many questions – where had the Zeroids come from? Was Ryton the key to defeating Nagzar?

Zintar started at the beginning – he and the other Zeroids had been re-activated as Zero Units on a strange planet of gibberish-speaking beasts. His active memory banks told him that emergency protocols has been activated on Planet Zero, the home of the Zeroids. These protocols were only activated during the direst of situations – the Prime Zeroids would be reduced to Zero Units and taken off world to insure the future of the Zeroid race. Their memories were all fractured by the experience so they did not know what had happened, but the Prime Zeroids knew their mission – rebuild their society on a new Planet Zero. It would be difficult without their full knowledge databases and material resources, but they would persevere...

After escaping the beast world, the Zeroids formed a new Ascendancy, their primary mission to establish a new Planet Zero. It took years – and many disagreements between Zintar and Zerak – but eventually a new power source was developed, the Beta Core, which could power a new energy-efficient Neo Zeroid body. With this innovation, the Zeroids would easily be able to replicate their offspring. But that time of searching and development had taken too long. The Neo Zeroids divided into separate tribes, spreading into the vastness of the universe.[37]

The Power of Three

Zintar followed through on his original programming. He explored the universe and created more Neo Zeroid Explorers to assist him. These Explorers were tasked with finding any remnants of the Zeroid tribes, especially information – and returning it to Zintar as he conducted his search through the galaxy for the missing Planet Zero.

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Neo Zeroid Zintar

Zintar had created many children, including the Forgotten Zeroid and Assassin, to search the universe. Zintar conducted his own search, going out into the deepest sectors of the universe known to the Zeroids. After a misstep on a frozen world, Zintar was directed by local legends to a planet called Tarenz, rumored to be a secret stronghold for a race of warrior robots. Zintar approached the planet in his Zero Exploration Module, but something in the natural atmosphere of the planet interfered with the prototype components of his ship, stranding Zintar on this world for many years. The atmosphere also blocked communication with off-world entities, leaving him to a solitary existence of searching and no communication with his Neos.

Zintar had been deep inside the planet, working on the vaults and machinery that he had found there. Ancient Zeroids had been there long ago... but they left no way of escaping the planet.

The Ancients which had visited this world seemed to have been peaceful custodians, protecting something Zintar wished he hadn’t found – a Zero Lock, container of the greatest artifacts of the Zeroids. These Locks required at least three Prime Zeroids to unlock, ensuring that whatever was inside could not be used against the Zeroids. Zintar speculated that the element Ryton, a mysterious element which Commander Zogg had found on planet Zero, could be inside the Zero Lock.

So, to unlock the ancient secrets of the Zeroids, Maxx Zero must unite the original Zeroids!

First on the list is Zobor the Transporter, genial worker robot with a pleasant disposition and the strongest work ethic this side of Diavolus. The journey began to L'An'Tuia where Zobor had been building his fortress...[38]

The Lost Zobor

Darkness Will Fall

After a long search, Maxx has found Zintar the Explorer, one of the Prime Zeroids... but his quest is not over. To unlock the ancient secrets of the Zeroids, Maxx must unite the original Zeroids to reassemble the formula for the rare element Ryton. First on the list is Zobor the Transporter, genial worker robot with a pleasant disposition and the strongest work ethic this side of Diavolus.

But after the stinging defeat of Hun-Dred by the Robo Force, Nazgar the Tyrant has tired of his forces failing to capture Maxx Zero. Finally, he calls upon his ultimate enforcer, the shadow that stands alone against the light - The Knight of Darkness. Along with the shadow warriors of his army of Darkness, the Knight plans to ensure the secrets of Planet Zero will be lost forever...[39]

The Zeroid Who Waited

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L'An'Tuia – home of volcanic rock and lava

The Robo Force travels to the last known location of Zobor, the main worker robot of the Zeroids. Planet L'An'Tuia – home of volcanic rock and lava. He was last seen starting construction on a base under the surface of the planet – fortress-building was a Zeroid pastime.

Maxx was surprised that things seemed to go as planned for once – no biological brain creatures waiting to ambush them, no horrible blasphemous reconfigurations of friends gone evil... just Zobor, a cheery mechanical being who loves his job. Zobor waved to the team as they touched down on the planet.

There was one strange occurrence – Maxx felt a flare in his Z-Core as he met Zobor, his coloration shifting to match the Worker Zeroid. Zintar noticed this occurrence too. Maxx noted that he had achieved a force sync with Zintar to form a Super Zeroid, so perhaps that would also be a possibility with Zobor. As Zintar approached Maxx, Maxx’s color once again shifted to match Zintar’s coloration.

With two of the Prime Zeroids together, they only needed one more Magnet Claw to open the Zero Lock. It was time to discuss the locations of Zemo the Hunter and Zerak the Destroyer. It was then that the Forgotten Zeroid radioed in from the Star Hawk – unknown ships were approaching the planet![40]

Mirror, Mirror

The Knight of Darkness had served Nazgar for a number of years, waiting for the day when the Zeroids would show themselves again. That was his reason for living - to counter the darkness he had seen in those visions long ago.

Now it was time - the Knight had tracked the Robo Force to the world of rock, his mission clear: capture Maxx Zero and the destroy the rest. With his Zero Slayer weapon and Uni-Blaster, the Knight was finally ready to face Maxx Zero for the first time. There would be no use of the Chaos Helmet’s power to reverse time to beat the Robo Force - it would be one chance only.

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In a Mirror, Darkly

The Knight was not alone... his "shadow warriors” take many forms... some are shade creatures, ghostly beings of solid form that strike as his shadows against the light. He will adapt these shades into different forms to better serve his agenda, usually forming them from the star-stuff of the Black Nebula into duplicates of beings and creatures he has met in his travels. One particularly nasty breed of shadows are based on beasts rarely encountered in the cosmos called Mordles. Comprised of dense cosmic matter from the Nebula, these demonic minions serve as trackers and quick strike weapons against the forces of light.

Other beings fill out the ranks of the Darkness Soldiers, given specialized suits of armor by the Knight... a gift from his true master. The Knight himself travels with a specialized group of Guardian Darkness Soldiers, their armor forged of rare metals from the darkest reaches of space. Deep red eyes hint at something more sinister inside their helmets than the other soldiers, lurking underneath the armor of Darkness...

The battle against Zobor was going well, until the accursed Prime Zeroid combined with Maxx Zero into a giant super powered robot. The Knight's armor was shattered by the hyper-magnetic accelerator weapon carried by Super Zobor. He barely escaped the assault by slipping through the dimensions back to his combat starship.

It was sometime later when the Knight of Darkness found himself battling a mirror image of himself, the Zero Slayer clashing against another energized weapon. The battles would never end...[41]

Interlude: Overcharging

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Zeroid Striker opens the case

Inside Zobor's fortress on L'An'Tuia, after the battle with the Knight of Darkness had ended, the Robo Force had a slight amount of downtime to recharge and repair before setting off to find Zerak the Destroyer. It was Zeroid Striker who had a specific task in mind that was neither rest nor repair. Zobor had worked for decades constructing his fortress, but he hadn't really built what one would typically build in fortresses. There were mostly empty rooms - Zobor being content to build the rooms, but not actually populate them with anything after a certain stage of construction.

It was in the earliest rooms built near the heart of the fortress that Striker found what he was looking for. The Prime Zeroids had all used specialized cases for their specialties while they were in shutdown mode... Zerak had a recharging station, for example. Not that he required recharges with his Z-Core, but instead used it in OVERCHARGING his core with energy beyond its capacity to fuel his rage. The specific case Striker desired was of a newer design than those old cases, but still quite old. After the Zeroid Ascendancy had formed, the Prime Zeroids designated their Master Zeroids who would oversee the daily development of each discipline.

Inside a protective case deep inside the fortress of Zobor were the remains of another Master Zeroid. One of Striker's oldest associates. This Zeroid was named Defender. His destruction and the circumstances behind that destruction would have grave consequences in the times to come...[42]

The Search for Zerak

The Wrath of Zerak

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Zerak in his original form

ZERAK! Zerak the Commander. Zerak the Destroyer. He is the enforcer of the Zeroids. The right arm of Commander Zogg's will.

After his dispute with Zintar over the direction of the Zeroid Ascendancy, Zerak took his nascent Protector Neo Zeroids and hid them away, believing they should not be activated until... that was the question. Without the guiding claw of Zogg, Zerak found that he could not control his rage. There was a chance he would destroy his "children" on a whim, such was his anger at how things had progressed.

Zerak shifted himself to his original form for further exploration of the universe. Zerak found a planet with many natural resources that humanoids would find calming to bring peace to his circuits...[43]

The Great Hall of Dorchia

Dorchia problems

A Pack of Dorchia Beasts (Alpha Star Alien Creature from Imaginext Adventure People Alpha Star Astronaut homage)

The search for Zerak of the Zeroids begins! With Zintar and Zobor in tow, Maxx Zero and the Robo Force move through the galaxy in search of Zerak. It is only with his assistance that they can open the Zero Lock which may contain the secret to defeating Nazgar!

Their first stop is the Great Hall on Planet Dorchia. Once renowned for it's library of knowledge, Dorchia was abandoned after an unknown disaster. Maxx has a few guesses as to what might have happened - when he runs across a pack of beasts that eye him hungrily![44]

Training in the Darkness

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Copperhead drone

After his defeat at the hands of Maxx Zero and the Robo Force, the Knight of Darkness goes back to his training area on Zeton. Using a training drone provided to him by Nazgar, the Knight makes some adjustments to the battle programming installed in the drone, which he has nicknamed "Copperhead". While inside his secret training area, the Knight removes his exterior armor to better utilize the movement of his limbs for hand to hand combat.[45]

Darkness Assemble

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Assembling the team

Maxx Zero has defeated every warrior Nazgar has thrown at, the Knight of Darkness hatches a new plan to defeat the Robo Force. Assembling a mix of the forces under the Cult of Dred inside an abandoned HQ on Zeton, the Knight works on a new plan involving Guardian Robots, Nazguardians, Technician Zeroids, various types of Darkness Soldiers, Dred-MAXXes, Cruel and Brutal, his training droid Copperhead, and a number of Nazarran. The first step in the new plan was sending a freshly-created team of red Darkness Soldiers to track the Robo Force. They went to the last known location of the Force, planet L'An'Tuia, for clues...[46]

A Ping in the Darkness

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A stolen Star Hawk

The Knight of Darkness' new plan to defeat the Robo Force would not rely on the brute force confrontations which had failed so many times previously. Hun-Dred told him that the Zeroids were the key - Maxx Zero was clearly trying to reunite the Prime Zeroids. So if they could find the other Zeroids first, the Robo Force would come to them.

The Knight dispatched two groups of Darkness Soldiers into the universe to Zerak and Zemo first. With a Technician Zeroid as their pilot, the Soldiers awaited the time when they could battle the Robo Force once again. Using stolen Star Hawks, they monitored the ancient Star Team frequencies for signs of the Zeroids.

A continuous signal of friendship was broadcast in case any robotic entities were listening... One group of Soldiers followed the trail from Zintar to Zobor and allowed their Technician to calculate the possible directions the Robo Force could have investigated. A signal ping reached the aged receptors of the Star Hawk, denoting a space station. Perhaps this was where they would find a Zeroid...[47]

Records of the STAR Team

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An Armored Destoryer

Maxx Zero had bypassed the hungry beasts with a few choice words (spoken in the language of the animals he somehow understood after his time on Uzalek) and continued his exploration in the ruined libraries of planet Dorchia.

What had drawn Maxx and the Robo Force to Dorchia was derived from the records of the Star Team... the library had originally contained a number of machines that the Zetonian Scouts could only catalogue during their short time on Dorchia. A sophisticated mechanoid, designed only for a lifespan of a few seconds before exploding in a shower of sparks, contained a unique combination of mechanical and biological components designed for only one purpose - discovery. If any of these machines still existed on Dorchia, they could theoretically find Zerak with a minimum of effort.

Though it had been decades since the Star Team had been on the planet, one of these wondrous devices was still there. Maxx found it and prepared to activate it. But he was not alone on the planet - an armored destroyer was there, trying to plunder the treasures of Dorchia.

The stage was set for a titanic battle...[48]

Zero Point


Neo Zeroid Zerak

Maxx Zero used the tracking robot found in the library at Dorchia, an image forming in his mind of where Zerak, the missing Prime Zeroid needed to open the Zero Lock found by Zintar, was. However, Maxx's advanced weapon systems reacted to the energies of the tracking robot in an unexpected way. During the Dynagenesis which had originally awakened him, Maxx Zero incorporated the weapons and systems of hundreds of different entities as a function of his unique adaptive Z-Core... but he was not given the ability (or knowledge) to access all of those weapons. The combination of the tracking robot's power and a dimensional jump mechanism stored in Maxx's bank of unknown systems teleported Maxx to Zerak's location in the blink of an eye.

Maxx found himself in an ancient space station of a construction he had never seen previously. The sounds of battle reverberated through the empty corridors, drawing Maxx's attention. He quickly found himself in a battle of wills between a group of red Darkness Soldiers and Neo Zeroid Zerak. Maxx joined the fray, only to find himself attacked by Zerak!

What was this station? Why was Zerak attacking Maxx? Would the rest of the Robo Force find him in time? And would any of them survive the gaze of...the Knight of Illumination?[49]

The Ultimate Battle

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Illumination vs Darkness

The ultimate battle! After years of searching, the Knight of Illumination confronts the Knight of Darkness on Zeton. Who will survive?[50]

Who Hunts the Hunter

The Great Hunter

Zemo the Hunter was the one who had left the Zeroid Ascendancy first, enthralled by something he called The Great Hunt. Derived from the teachings of Commander Zogg, the Great Hunt was the ultimate test administered by the Hunter Zeroids. If a being survived the Hunt, Zemo would let them go on as they had before the Hunt, hopefully giving them wisdom they did not have previously; if they didn't, then the ideals of the Hunt would be preserved. It was Zemo's hope that the end of the universe would be himself facing the Great Hunter, the mechanical entity which had created the Zeroids in his own image - and being told that he had fulfilled the whims of his creator.

It goes without saying that Zemo was, in more human terms, completely insane.


Zemo the Hunter

Zintar would later relate to Maxx Zero an incident the Ascendancy had faced on a world of creatures with flesh that shifted like clay... a planet Maxx knew all too well. Zemo had fought an immensely strong bipedal toothy beast and found himself on the verge of destruction - his eyepiece fractured into dozens of spider-plexiglass shards - when a steel rod blocked the assault of the creature. Zemo looked and saw his creator. The Great Hunter himself had saved him and left behind a weapon with which to slay the beasts - charging the rod with magnetic energy, Zemo decapitated the rampaging monster before zooming to the rescue of his fellow Prime Zeroids.

Maxx asked Zintar what the rod was. Zintar explained his own situation in the battle with the beasts - an exploding piece of ancient technology threw the rod, spearing the creature and smashing into Zemo's already damaged head. The shock probably caused some circuit synapses to fire, showing Zemo a vision of his creator.

Unfortunately, that was the day that the Great Hunt began to take over Zemo's mind...[51]

The Zero Lock


Solar Star Team Maxx Zero

The Zero Lock found by Zintar the Explorer could have held any number of untold secrets of the Zeroids - but what it did hold was an octagonal plate marked with the symbol of the long-destroyed STAR TEAM - the exploration group formed by Zeroid Steele to carry the message of Zeton out to the stars.

Not acknowledging the potential danger in doing so, Maxx Zero grabbed this plate, activating it. Some sects of the Star Team had found powers so terrible they needed to be locked away forever; this item was not one of those items. It had been stored away as a gift. Used previously by the Solar Storm group of orange hued Zetonian Scouts, the plate magnetized to Maxx's chest as it shifted his colors to match. The Solar Storm Scouts had been a group of more aggressive Zetonians, matched with a chromed orange ZEM unit numbered 78.

Their gift to the next generation of Zetonian robots came in this plate, imbued with the ability to unleash concentrated solar plasma blasts capable of melting the strongest Cult of Dred metals... the only caveat being that Maxx found that neither he nor the Prime Zeroids could remove the plate, changing him to this orange color potentially forever...[52]

The City of Andor


Hunter in the city of Andor


Zetonian Proto Enforcer

Planet Zero launched the city of Andor into space, an attack by an insane tyrant causing fail-safes to be activated. The city had been designed with a transformative aspect, allowing it to become a giant spacecraft. But there had been an error - the trained custodians of Andor had been destroyed, leaving the city-ship floating through space without active life.

It had been roughly sixty years and millions of miles traveled when the backup signal reached Andor activating core Omega One, the power source of the entire city. Cutting edge machines began their processes, building a new advanced machine beyond any Zeroid previously in existence... the Zetonian.


Orthus the Zetonian Warrior

Named after a rare metal found on planet Zero, this new race of machines would develop without the influence of previous generations. It was this innocence which, hundreds of years later, allowed Zemo and Hunter to gain the confidence of the city commander in Andor, ENFORCER, and steal a precious Proto Zetonian.

Renamed Orthus and fully indoctrinated into the principles of the Great Hunt, this warrior Zetonian enacts the will of Zemo![53]

Fortress of Hunters

Fortress of Hunters

Zeroid Hunter with Zemo and Orthus

Zemo the Hunter stole a proto-Zetonian from the Andor station, retreating to his hidden Fortress of Hunters.

With his enforcer, the dangerous Zeroid Hunter, they indoctrinated the Zetonian into the precepts of the Great Hunt. On occasion, they would travel to a planet and test the theories of the Great Hunt. Eventually, the Zetonian earned his hunting name, Orthus. With the powerful TRI-BLADE and Z-DRILL created on Andor, Orthus was a powerful addition to the Hunter Tribe.

Zemo kept watch over the signals put out by the other Zeroid tribes, waiting for a day when he could pit his own warriors against his former friends.[54]

State of the Art

A Grand Dream


State Of The Art artwork (Jason Ho)

It was a grand dream he'd had, to build the next generation of Zetonian robots. But like so many dreams, it went unfulfilled... When the city of Andor disappeared, so did the future of Zeton. Zeroid Steele would never see, during his existence, the realization of what he considered the next evolution of the Zetonian race... would Maxx Zero during his? Or would the Cult of Dred find it first? The battle for Andor begins...[55]

The Battle for Andor


Cult of Dred Troopers

A thousand years ago, Planet Zero launched the secret city of Andor into space to preserve its, Nazgar has learned of Andor and will do anything to discover the secret of Ryton, the most powerful element known to the universe! But Nazgar has tired of his minion's failure... with the guidance of the Master Mercenary Callgrim, he has trained the elite Cult of Dred Troopers to finally destroy the Robo Force before they reach Andor. Maxx Zero and the Force battle valiantly against the Troopers but it appears Andor will be lost. Only by partnering with core Omega-One will Maxx prevail... by creating something STATE OF THE ART.[56]

Points of View

A New Mission

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Dred Troopers

The Cult of Dred Troopers, having accomplished their first mission of securing - or demolishing - the city of Andor, return to Nazgar's flagship the Conquest Destroyer for further instructions. With the Robo Force destroyed once and for all, Nazgar has given them a new mission - investigating a potential Zeroid hideout.

A squad of warriors led by the Dred commander of the Andor Mission, RZ-45, dispatches to this distant world. They use clues supplied by the NEMS... a signal from many years before... artifacts purloined from a dilapidated cantina... the Dred Troopers will not fail![57]

Searcher the Explorer Zeroid

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The battle of good and evil rages on!

RZ-45 has tracked one of the Explorer Zeroids, Searcher, to a distant world where he is working with a dangerous Zeroids artifact! The containment unit is topped with special emerald glass that is barely able to contain the pink glow from within.

The Dred Troopers and Darkness Soldiers move carefully into the lab, attempting to ambush Searcher - but Searcher is a master scanner and ready for combat! Tearing one Dred Trooper to pieces, Searcher scans the room for his next target... RZ-45 notices a strange organic growth on Searcher's back and directs the lead Darkness Soldier to target it through a secret shortwave frequency which they use for communication. Searcher dodges the laser fire and punches a Trooper backward with his Magnet Blaster.

The battle of good and evil rages on![58]


The Terror of Cerulestar

The Knight of Darkness vowed revenge after his defeat at the mechanical hands of Maxx Zero! And now, with the power of CERULESTAR, he might be unstoppable! Harnessed by the comet jockey Solar Storm Darkness Soldiers, Cerulestar gives "volunteers" an eerie blue glow and strange exo-normal abilities. An accident in the Knight's experimental zone infects both a Biomass Monster and some of the Knight's Shadow Mordles with Cerulestar, bringing new danger to The Realms and Zeton!

Can Coptor the Enforcer, the newest member of the Robo Force from the city of Andor, stop these threats ALONE on his first day after DYNAGENESIS? will DARKNESS prevail? Or will help come from the most surprising of sources?[59]


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