The Vekpire
Blood Drainer
Vital statistics
Name The Vekpire
Species Human (Undead)
Origin Trilobyte Kingdom


Formerly Reed Schweizer before being tortured at the hands of Marson as a test subject.[1] His unconscious body was later found by Forrest and taken to the home she shared with Saxon.[2]


Birth of a Vekpire

"Reed knew when his number was up, and this was it. Marson had taken perverse pleasure in slowly torturing Reed over the past few days, and this orchestra of pain was about to reach it's crescendo. Using his telekinesis powers to strip the outer lilac armor and then Reed's chest hard drive, Marson reached for a new replacement for Reed's torso cavity."[3]


The Vekpire

"Set to draiiiiiiiananannnnnnn. Includes unpainted finhead alternate head in black."

Production PVC Hyper Knight - The Vekpire. Black with head paint applications and red chest plate. 3 3/4" tall. Glyos compatible. 13 total parts. Released on March 4th, 2020. $18 each.


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