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The Changer
Vital statistics
Name Tiltor
Species Zetonian
Origin Zeton


Tiltor the Changer is an unreleased character from the original Ideal toy line Robo Force. It is currently offered as an Unlimited Build design by John Kent. The featured construction involves pieces from three Robo Force kits and 3 Zeroids kits. The colors featured are Classic edition Sentinel (x3) and Neo Zeroid Protector (x3).

Character History

"Been screwing around with a new unlimited Robo Force/Zeroids build - a conceptual Tiltor, if you will. Tiltor's description was "the Changer" - what could that have meant? He had a bending waist to allow him to... Bend forward? Yeah, it's not super clear how that would be helpful. But what I imagined was Tiltor being full of gimmicks to allow him to change during situations where he needed to."[1]

"The re-envisioned Tiltor consists of two parts: a main robotic entity and a giant support mech that assists him in his endeavors."[2] "When Tiltor combines with his battle machine, the Cult of Dred runs for the hills!"[3]



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