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Trilobyte Kingdom
Alternate Dimension
Vital statistics
Type Unknown
Location Unknown
Capital Unstated
Inhabitants Trilobyte King, Marson, Death Hyper Knight, Hyper Knights


The 4th Anomaly, the Hyper Event, is the merging of the worlds of our Earth and that of the Hyper Knights: the Trilobyte Kingdom. It is controlled by the totalitarian ruler the Trilobyte King. Hyper Knights make up the standing army of the Trilobyte Kingdom.


Portal to the Trilobyte Kingdom

"It has long been theorized that there is a direct, sustained, vector portal somewhere on Mars connecting to the Trilobyte Kingdom. This hypothesis explains how Marson was able to inure himself to the Trilobyte King, without being a native of that dimension."[1]

Arriving in Turbo Atoll

"Culture attache to the Trilobyte Kingdom, Airemare is a fusion of flesh and technology, modeled in the image of his master Marson. Arriving first in Turbo Atoll, Airemare is tasked with reconnaissance ahead of the esteemed race. Traveling with him is a small team of Hackermen, marking their kind's first public appearance."