Ullmoriun Biovessel
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Gelnos Ship
Vital statistics
Name Ullmoriun Biovessel
Species Voss
Origin Zorennor Rift


A former Voss Biovessel taken and put into service for the Villser's Ullmoriun.

Character History

"This assortment was designed to be photographed on the "Villser" set from last year, but with a new paint job to reflect the evolving nature of the Villser Biovessel (a craft the Villser "inherited" after a critical event with their creators, the Voss). Been editing like crazy to get things looking right!"[1]

"It's really interesting that the colors pink and purple and their variations evoke an "alien" feeling, especially when they are so commonly used in lines that are primarily aimed at the "girls" toy market.

For me, the shining example of the pink/purple variation space combo is Scorpio from Major Matt Mason, complete with its bright green chest harness blaster. This weirdo in particular seemed to serve as a precursor to so many of the stuffed aliens that still infest claw machines all over the world. Sure, there's been a ton of little green men in pop culture, but old Scorpio was a pretty early example of a truly realized pink/purple alien."[2]


The Ullmoriun Connection


Worlds Within[3] (Artwork by Ralph Niese)

"After the events of the Xenodeth Outbreak on Point Cerrek and Planet Esedeth, the Villser started to focus on one unique Gendrone that they encountered during their intense battle with Task Force Volkriun.

If Argen won't join them, perhaps another powerful Buildman will..."[4]

Mraedis Agents

"Long thought lost on a now forgotten mission, the enigmatic Commander Mraedis and his Mraedis Agents unexpectedly emerge from the Zorennor Rift, possessing critical intelligence regarding the new Villser threat.

Just as they set their course for Metran, the weary crew is pulled within the metamorphic structure of a massive Villser Biovessel with little chance for escape.

What secrets do the Mraedis Agents carry, and will they survive to deliver them?"[5]


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